'The Originals' Season 2 Netflix Release Date Is A Ways Off, But You'll Need To Relive These 6 Epic Moments

What do you get when you combine attractive characters with an action-packed plot? A series that you'll want to keep on watching over and over again. Such is the case for The CW's TVD spin-off series, The Originals . For two years now we've delved into the complex lives of the Mikaelson clan, proving that there is indeed a family out there more messed up than our own. But now that May finales have come and gone, it's only natural to start wondering when The Originals Season 2 will appear on Netflix. After all, just because the show's on summer hiatus doesn't mean we should be robbed of these characters entirely, right? Well, unfortunately, it's still going to be a while until we can relive the magic that the series' second season had to offer. [UPDATE: According to a Netflix press release it will be available Oct. 6.]

Though no official release day has been announced, Netflix has a tendency to unveil the latest season of a show right around the same time a new season is gearing up to premiere. So since both of The Originals premieres happened in early October, I'm willing to bet that's how long it'll be until Season 2 makes its Netflix debut. Is it an ideal scenario? Absolutely not. But since crying and pleading to the streaming service doesn't seem to get you anywhere (believe me, I've tried), in the meantime, I thought it would be fun to highlight some of the key moments we have to look forward to when our wait is finally over. So even if you don't have the time to binge watch the entire season, here are some key episodes you want to make sure not to miss out on.

A Mikaelson Family Dinner — "Every Mother's Son," Episode 3

Though I love each character individually, nothing brings me greater joy than a full-blown Mikaelson family reunion, which made Esther's little dinner invitation a must-see event. (Think of it as your family Thanksgiving on supernatural steroids.) Suffice to say, it didn't exactly go very well, but boy was it great to see a majority of the Mikaelsons all in the same room together. Even if they weren't necessarily all in their original bodies.

Tatia Takes Center Stage — "Red Door,' Episode 5

I always enjoy a good flashback-centric episode, and "Red Door" proved to exceed all expectations not only by including a welcome appearance by TVD's Nina Dobrev, who played Tatia, but also by introducing a dark side to Elijah that we've never seen before. As much as I've grown to love this vamp's charm and sophisticated nature, I must admit that this darker Elijah persona is not without its appeal.

Haylijah Finally Happens — "The Map of Moments," Episode 9

Longtime 'shippers of these two finally got their moment in the sun when these star-crossed supernaturals gave into their feelings for each other at long last in a very steamy rendezvous. Feel free to watch this scene multiple times. I'll wait.

Freya Makes Her Debut — "Sanctuary," Episode 11

Is there such a thing as too many Mikaelsons? That's a trick question, of course, because the answer is no. No there isn't. Which made adding Freya into the mix a very significant moment indeed. Not to mention that this episode also allowed viewers the chance to further see Maisie Richardson-Sellers in action as the new body Rebekah was inhabiting. And while no one can replace Claire Holt in our hearts, this actress has proven to be more than worthy substitute in her own right.

A Tragic Farewell — "I Love You, Goodbye," Episode 14

Despite how often the Mikaelsons fight (which is basically all the time), no family cares for each other more than this lot — a fact that was further proven in the wake of Kol's death. Sure, most of the time he was a charming troublemaker that couldn't be trusted, but that didn't stop his siblings from being there for him in his final moments. It was sweet and heartbreaking, and will remind you why you've grown to love these characters in the first place. Always and forever.

Dahlia's Demise — "Ashes to Ashes," Episode 22

I mean, you can't do a proper re-watch without seeing the finale aka the most action-packed episode of the season. Not only did we see Dahlia finally get her just desserts, but we also witnessed the return of many familiar faces, including Claire Holt and Alice Evans, who played the original Esther. All-in-all, it proved to be a must-see experience. Season 3, you really can't come soon enough.

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