Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' Stunt Fail & 6 Other Moments From The Music Video That Look Super Hard To Pull Off — VIDEO

There are a lot of things Taylor Swift is good at, but grace and coordination? Not her best skills. Even so, it doesn't stop her from dancing like nobody's watching at award shows — or doing her own stunts in her music videos. Need proof? I have some. After dropping her latest video at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday night, Swift shared an outtake from "Bad Blood" on Instagram, and yeah, that's definitely her trying (and failing) to run through a wall. Swift helpfully notes when in the video she actually got the stunt right, but if you've watched it as many times as I have — answer: so many it's embarrassing — you already know exactly what part she's talking about.

In the actual, complete "Bad Blood" music video Swift seems to flawlessly pass by a gun-slinging Ellie Goulding and walk through a wall like it's nothing, but the behind the scenes footage shows it was definitely not that easy. Somehow, she managed to trip over herself and land in a ball of dust and regret on the floor while yelling, "yeah, I forgot to keep running, but I'm fine!" It's a classic Taylor Swift moment, and it makes me love the finished product even more.

And honestly, I'd be surprised if this was the only stunt she struggled with. There are more than a few action movie moments in "Bad Blood" that had to be difficult if Swift didn't have the help of a stuntwoman, and if she truly did do it all herself, I'd be seriously impressed.

The Entire Opening Fight Sequence

If Swift managed to complete this take without outside help, creative editing, and/or falling on her ass a few times, it would be a miracle.

That Time Selena Gomez Pushed Her Out Of A Window

I'm assuming Swift didn't actually, like, fall out of a window, but if she did, it's one of those things that would be crazy hard to do realistically if you aren't a professional. Also, terrifying.

And Then The Landing On The Car Thing

Let's call a spade a spade. Swift went directly from the makeup chair to lying on an already crunched up car, clearly, but it still looks impressive as hell.

Plus Fighting With Karlie Kloss

I would be awful at pretending to box with my best friend, because I'd be so worried I'd really hit her the whole time. How did Swift and Kloss manage this without accidental bruising?

And Whatever's Going On In This Scene

Please, protect Cindy Crawford at all costs. She's a national treasure. I hope that fire was CGI-ed in, because I spent most of this video concerned for, like, all 35 celebrity guest stars and their safety.

And Finally, Bashing Heads With Selena Gomez

Is it just me who cringed at this part, afraid they were actually going to head butt each other?

Images: "Bad Blood" Screenshots (7)