'Bachelorette' Guys With Their Pets Are So Cute

After addiction recovery, experts say you should get a plant, then an animal, and, if both of those aforementioned things aren't dead, you can embark on a relationship. This must be the mantra of plenty of the male contestants on The Bachelorette, because, boy, do these Bachelorette 2015 guys have some love stories with their pets.This season of The Bachelorette has already has some twisty, turny surprises, and, if the highlight reel is any indication, we are in for many crazy happenings to come. But, since we’re only like, one week in, I want to know more about the contestants! Who are these guys? I want stuff that their bio paragraph on the ABC website can’t tell me. How in the world did they decide to be on a show like The Bachelorette? One way to test the normality of these contestants is to see how they interact with their loved ones — especially their pets. People take their pets very seriously.

So, for the sake of curiosity, I took a deep dive into the social media of the remaining Bachelorette contestants to see who loves their dog, who kisses their cat, and who is the weird guy who owns like, five ferrets (I loathe ferrets). The results are not that surprising, but I will say this, guys: If Kaitlyn didn’t choose you, you should use some of these adorable animals to pick up your next girlfriend. With these cuties, it would totally work.


Jared, aka “Love Man”, doesn’t have a lot on his Instagram (there are only about six posts), but he did post a snap of him with his pooch, Clark, just last week. That is one cute dog, so, if Clark is giving Jared lesson in Instagram, as the caption says, I trust that canine photog.


This season’s resident “healer” is a sporty guy — according to his Instagram, he loves to go hiking and climbing — and he’s always got his adventurous pup along for the ride. Look at that adorable face! I’d take her anywhere with me, too.


A self-proclaimed “animal lover,” I didn’t see any sweet cats or dogs in Ryan’s social media, but there was one lovely #TBT of him on a horse. Who knew he was such an equestrian?


No love for the canines or felines here, but Daniel, like Ryan, has a few pics of the equine persuasion. Look at these honeys trying to stay out of the rain! I don’t blame them, frankly. What a bad mane day.


Joe Bailey’s Instagram shows him getting some love from a sweet (and very rotund, if I do say so myself) pooch. He’s also a self-proclaimed “horse-racing enthusiast.” What is it with these contestants and horses?


Contestant Joshua loves drooling, farting, and snorting. Why do I know this? Because he owns a pair of slovenly, adorable bulldogs that I’m obsessing over right now. Faces only a father (or me as their new mama) could love, for sure. Their names are “Brewski” and “Captain,” by the way.

There you have it: The men of The Bachelorette are strong, sexy, and sensitive: especially the guys who let their dogs slobber all over them. Which of these pets will get to meet Kaitlyn? Only time will tell on that one.

Images: ABC/Rick Rowell