LOLPervs Tried To Get Tinder Matches To Send Them Free Pizza, But They Got Weed Instead

File this one under #LifeGoals: taking a cue from the geniuses who flirted their way into free pizza a few weeks ago, the folks at LOLPervs tried to get Tinder matches to send them free pizza, only to get weed instead — because the world is a strange and wonderful place sometimes. For those of you who aren't aware of the greatest use of Tinder since someone used Connect Four to seduce women, the Tinder Games are a "game" in which a group of women attempt to trick Tinder matches into sending free pizza. Whoever receives the prize first is the winner, although I'd say that everyone is a winner in that situation. Well, except for the unsuspecting dude who forked over $20 for a pizza for some woman he's never met, but at least he can rest easily knowing that he did a good deed that day.Ever since the Tinder Games blew up online in late April, people everywhere have been trying it for themselves, often with mixed results. (Flirting your way into free food is much harder online than it is face-to-face.) When YouTube channel LOLPervs chose the competition as the subject of their latest "sexperiment," they knew not to expect total success. On the other hand, I doubt any of them could have anticipated what actually happened.In the video, a man and a woman attempt to banter their way into free pizza after hearing about the Tinder Games through Bro Bible. The male competitor, Stephen, uses lines that are seriously amazing — personally, my favorite is "on a scale of one to pizza, how generous are you?" — but neither user has much success until, finally, one match says she's coming with pizza in tow. Unfortunately, either autocorrect worked its dubious magic on the conversation, or "pizza" means something very different to kids these days, because instead of the promised cheesy deliciousness, someone shows up with a very different delivery. In fact, the delivery isn't even food.(It was weed. We're talking about weed here.)

"Someone gave me this address and this number of [the] apartment," the flustered woman says. "Maybe it's not you?"

"I was talking about a pizza literally, and I think you thought I meant drugs," Stephen awkwardly explains.After some increasingly uncomfortable silences, the weed delivery woman hightails it out of there, and just like that, the competitors had a new story to tell at parties, as long as they can get someone to believe it. Luckily, they have footage of the incredibly weird encounter, which you can check out below:

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Images: James/Flickr