5 Things Highly Emotional People Do Better

When we say someone is being highly emotional, it connotes something insulting, as though there is something very threatening and flawed about experiencing your feelings. We see it as a flaw, and a liability, instead of the potent super power it is. Growing up, we mocked the kids who were dramatic, or expressive, or who really felt what they were going through. We knew it wasn't cool to be vulnerable, so we locked those aspects of ourselves up, pushed our emotions deep down to where we couldn't quite reach them — and where they certainly wouldn't show themselves to others. This, I feel, accounts for why we're so emotionally haywire sometimes as adults. (Hey, if you suppress your feelings for long enough, they have to come up at some point or another.)

Regardless: being highly emotional, when not suppressed or resisted, is actually a huge benefit to your life. It makes you empathetic, creative and provides a well of capacity to truly love someone else. Indeed, if we weren't so busy being ashamed of how much we feel, we'd actually be able to reap the benefits. Here, the 5 top things highly emotional people do better than anyone else:

Truly empathize and understand others

Any highly emotional person can place themselves in the shoes of someone going through something. No matter the situation at hand, highly emotional people can find a way in which it is comparable to one of their own, and can lend their support, their well-wishes, joy, sympathy and love unlike anybody else, because they feel as though they're going through it too (or remember what it was like when they did).

Have completely genuine, deep relationships

The daily lives of highly emotional people are made up of all the ways they plunge beneath the surface of themselves to discover who they really are or how they honestly feel. This kind of self-awareness is crucial in relationships. Because highly emotional people are so reactive and attentive to how they respond to the world around them, they're careful and conscious about that world also consisting of someone they love. (In short: they know how to be considerate, interact beautifully and generally feel deeply of their relationships with others.)

Understand who they really are

When your emotions are vivid, so is your understanding of what you do and don't like, what you do and don't want, who you do and don't enjoy being around, and all these little things make up who you essentially are. Highly emotional people have no choice but to be acquainted with themselves in this way—they just naturally show themselves everyday.

Choose a life that's meaningful to them

Highly emotional people are always conscious of who and what they choose to have in their lives. This is, perhaps simply, because they don't want to emotionally strain themselves. Sitting in a soul-degrading job or a passionless relationship is too much for them; they have no choice but to choose a life that's meaningful and worthwhile.

Create...anything and everything, whether that's art of a beautifully lived life

Highly emotional people are also the people who are most creative. Their influx of emotion creates a need to express it, and as they become attuned with what they're feeling and why, it manifests into #content other people can feel through as well.

Images: intrepidation/Flickr; Giphy(4)