“Trying to Eat With A Cat Around” Video From Cole And Marmalade Demonstrates All The Ways Your Cat Tries To Steal Your Dinner

Have you ever tried to eat with a cat around? It's… not easy. In fact, sometimes it's downright impossible, as Cole and Marmalade's latest video demonstrates. Appropriately titled “Trying to Eat with a Cat Around!” and starring the ginger cat known as Marmalade, it illustrates a wide variety of strategies your cat may employ in an attempt to steal your dinner — and yes, it's annoying as hell… but it's also incredibly cute. This is why we let our furry friends get a way with so much, is it not?

Although felines don't have quite the same reputation for begging that dogs do, any cat owner will be intimately familiar with the following experiences as demonstrated by Marmalade and his human, Chris Poole. Both of my cats magically appear whenever there's food around — and while it's true that one of them tends to be a little more subtle than the other, they're both always after the same thing: Noms. They'll either try to convince me to give them some of whatever I'm eating, or they'll try to outright nab it for themselves. One of them actually knocked a pan full of enchiladas off the counter when I wasn't looking this weekend in her quest to Eat All the Things. Happily the pan landed upright and the enchiladas were unharmed, although the cat was somewhat displeased with me for unleashing the Evil Spray Bottle on her afterwards. You have only yourself to blame, Cat.

Below, witness just a small selection of the strategies cats often use in order to get you to give them your dinner; scroll down to watch the full video.

1. Cuteness

“Look! Look at me! I am so cute! Don't you want to give that delicious-smelling thing that you have? I don't even really care what it is — I just want to eat it. Also, did I mention how cute I am?”

2. The Sneaky Ninja

Cats are already pretty sneaky, but they begin to approach ninja levels of sneakiness when there's food to be had. Observe how Marmalade patiently waits until his human is looking somewhere else… and then goes in for the kill.

3. Bargaining

“If you give me that chicken, I will let you rub my belly for three minutes without complaint.” Nice try, Cat.

4. Personal Space Invasion

“Oh, I'm sorry — were you sitting here? Too bad; I claimed this sit, like, two days ago, so I guess you'll just have to deal with me sitting on top of you… unless you give me some of your popcorn.”

5. Brute Force

When all else fails, your cat will not hesitate to whack that pizza right out of your hand.

Check out the full video here:

Cole and Marmalade on YouTube

Images: jeffreyw/Flickr; Cole and Marmalade/YouTube (5)