Leonardo DiCaprio Just Killed The Selfie Stick

I'm not sure whether to mock Leonardo DiCaprio or send him a handwritten note upon the finest stationary, praising him for officially murdering the most obnoxious Millennial trend to date: the selfie stick. While strolling around New York City, the actor pulled out his four-foot pole (oh, stop it) and proceeded to attach his phone to it and extend his arm out in an awkward-as-all-hell fashion to capture 100 percent of his gnarly beard posing in front of — I don't know what, the High Line, maybe. Anyway, the 40-year-old proves in this photo that the balancing act required to take the perfect photo when your device is attached to a stick may not be worth the trouble. Oh, and it looks freaking idiotic.

As far as male celebs go, there is a special place in my heart for DiCaprio because he isn't ashamed to say: I'm single, I love models and yachts and beards, what's the problem? And he doesn't just place $13,000 bids on Chanel purses in Cannes in between dates. He has done more for the environment than many politicians running on green platforms. Basically, what I'm saying is: Hell yes, Leonardo DiCaprio.

But hell no, selfie stick.

I know sales of selfie sticks have reportedly gone up 3,000 percent and that, despite the fact that museums have banned them (yay, museums!) they are probably here to stay. I'm going to blame my '90s upbringing on this one: I sometimes take selfies, but when I'm in public, I'm totally ashamed of doing so. There are times when I want to take a selfie because I'm in a really cool place and I have this desire to document my own existence, but on those occasions, I pull out my phone, pretend I'm taking a photo of an object, and use lightning speed to snap that selfie. Then I look around and see if anyone noticed — probably because I'm more of a narcissist than DiCaprio, who either pulls out his selfie stick not thinking anyone cares about what he does or could honestly not give a damn if they are looking.

Is it possible that those, like DiCaprio, who use selfie sticks are actually a lot less vain than we think?

Does it even matter when it looks that stupid?