Life Lessons 'Pitch Perfect's Beca Taught Us All

As those of us who have actually seen the movie know, Pitch Perfect 2 isn't just about singing songs, like some critics have suggested. So much of the movie deals with the young girls going through their last year of college, and their last year as Barden Bellas. Because of this, they face a deeper level of uncertainty, challenge, and anxieties than ever before. But all of these struggles give the film great heart, and watching Beca, especially, work through this uncertain time in her life can teach us a lot about growing up, finding ourselves, and being brave.

Throughout the movie, there are many major life experiences that Beca faces, and it is through those tough times that she (and inevitably, the audience) learns the most. Through it all, she's brave, independent, strong, and determined to not take anybody's crap — but she's also vulnerable, and proves it's OK to be scared about the future.

So take a tip (or twelve) from Beca's book — because lessons she learned in the Pitch Perfect films are too important to ignore.

1. Learn When To Move Forward

Unlike many of the Bellas who are totally focused on winning the World Championship, Beca is the first of the girls to think about her future. It's their senior year of college, after all, and she is the only one who gets a job that will carry her through graduation. She knows it's critical to her professional success to always be thinking ahead and putting stock in her own future, and so should you. Never be complacent — be proactive, and take charge of your future.

2. Speak Up

At her new job, people are hesitant to offer ideas when the boss asks for them. Maybe because they have none — but probably because her boss is bound to ridicule them if it's bad. But, when Beca finally speaks up and offers a suggestion to save Snoop Dogg's Christmas album that the studio is trying to produce, she impresses her boss and is given the opportunity to move up in the company.

5. Find Your Own Voice

At work, Beca's boss is unimpressed by her demo tape. It's her usual mashup stuff, and he says that any kid with a computer and basic music skills could do that. He pushes her to find her own unique style — and even though she struggles to find it, she knows that there are things that set each of us apart from everyone else. We just have to find out what those things are, and embrace them fully.

3. Be Honest

For a majority of the film, Beca hides her new job from the Bellas. She is afraid that if they know she is moving on and moving toward her future, they will question her commitment to the group. But this secrecy only hurts her in the long run. It isn't until Amy pulls the truth out of her that Beca's creative head space clears and she is better able to find her own voice.

4. Don't Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Amy might not be the most obvious choice for creative inspiration, but it's only after talking to her and recruiting the help of the adoring new girl, that Beca is able to truly create something special. Until she confided in and collaborated with her friends, she was unable to accomplish anything creatively. There's no shame in asking for help when you need it — in fact, it might be just the thing you need to get where you need to go.

6. Try Something New

After being discouraged by her boss for her first demo tape, Beca struggles to find something that will better define who she is as a music producer. For the first time maybe ever, she branches out from her usual mashup of popular songs, and mixes an original song by the newest member of the Bellas, Emily. Although original music is frowned up in a cappella land, the mix is a total hit, and the original song (SPOILER ALERT) is what wins the World Championship.

7. Don't Forget Your Past

At the retreat, Beca breaks down and tells the group about her new job. Even though she thought they would be mad (and some of them are), what she ultimately learns is that, even though they all need to move on from the Bellas, they will always have each other and the memories of this amazing time in their lives. In the end, this lesson is reinforced when former Bellas come back to perform at the World Championship and support the team in achieving their victory.

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