A Jennifer Lopez & Missy Elliott Collaboration Would Be The Best Thing Ever & Here's Why They Should Definitely Make Music Together

Please, oh please, dear deity of music who oversees all of the most epic musical collaborations — let this news be true: According to some amazing reports, Jennifer Lopez and Missy Elliott collaboration may be in the works. Apparently, the rumor comes from a superbly skilled social media sleuth who kept a keen eye on J. Lo's Twitter activity — specifically, the fact that she recently joined Missy's list of followers. Now, obviously, a mutual Twitter follow does not a collaboration make — however, the tweets the singers exchanged after the fan questioned J. Lo's follow certainly hinted at the possibility. In response, Missy tweeted, "lol! Could be wow fans don't miss a beat yall see erthang," while J. Lo added, "no they don't, Lol... ;)."

Now, I know I'm not the only one who wants this to happen strictly because I want this long-awaited new Missy Elliott album to represent a larger-than-life musical comeback. Now that I think of it, I also know I'm not the only person wondering why J. Lo and Missy haven't hopped on a track together prior to now. So, if it does turn out to be true, it will be an absolutely amazing development and here's why:

They're Both Fly Girls

Well, J. Lo used to be an official "Fly Girl" during her In Living Color days, but she's had no problem maintaining that status since she left the show. And we all know Missy "Misdemeanor" is the epitome of fly girl-ness.

Timbaland Is Missy's Music Partner

If you're not yet acquainted with the awesomeness that is Timbaland's musicianship, start with the songs you hear on FOX's Empire and work your way back through his extensive catalog. Any creative input he contributed to a potential Missy/J. Lo track would undoubtedly be divine.

They Both Got Their Big Music Breaks In The '90s

While J. Lo hit the music scene with 1999's "If You Had My Love" (which is still my jam, by the way), Missy was already making her mark on the game, producing and writing for artists like Aaliyah and Destiny's Child.

They Can Both Work It

J. Lo has a dancing background, and Missy is known for her quirky moves. No offense to Katy Perry's dancing sharks, but J. Lo and Missy on the same stage just might outrank the Super Bowl Halftime show in which Missy made a guest appearance.

They Both Make Some Rather Interesting Videos

Lopez's most recent videos have been as eye-catching as ever (remember the video for "Booty"?), and everyone knows amazing, unique music videos is an area where Missy always shines. A video collaboration between the two ladies definitely wouldn't disappoint.

They Could Take Over Las Vegas Together

I don't think Missy is at a point in her career where she's ready for a Vegas residency like Lopez, but it definitely wouldn't hurt either of them if she popped into Lopez's set for an impromptu appearance or two.

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