Lori Loughlin Returns To ‘Fuller House’ As Aunt Becky & There Are Plenty of Potential Storylines Waiting For Her

Just when you thought the upcoming Netflix Full House spin-off, Fuller House, couldn't get any better, this happened: Lori Loughlin, who played everyone's favorite fictional aunt Becky, has officially signed on for the updated series. This is basically the best news ever, because HAVE MERCY, Aunt Becky was awesome. Not only was she the love of Uncle Jesse's life, she also acted as a much-needed mother figure to the Tanner girls, dispensing great advice and always being there to give them support and occasional tough love. I actually grew up wishing she was my Aunt Becky, and was pretty bummed that she was, you know, fictional and all.

But let's try and calm ourselves down and think logically about this. We already know that Fuller House will mainly center on a now totally grown up DJ Tanner, who's dealing with raising her young children following the death of her husband. Her BFF will likely help with this task, but we also know that family means everything for the Tanners, which means Aunt Becky will have plenty of opportunities to take on some rewarding storylines. What those will be are anyone's guess, but it doesn't mean we can't use our imaginations and dream some up.

Becky & Danny Get A New Talk Show

Wake Up, San Francisco will have been canceled years before (though Becky was promoted to producer status on the show during Full House's final season), but after Danny's empty nest syndrome manifests in a desire to regain some of his earlier notoriety, he suggests that Becky join him to find a network that'll put them back on TV, and they do.

Becky Plays Nanny To DJ's Kids While She's At Work

Becky has always been closest to DJ out of all the Tanner girls, and when DJ's husband passes away and she struggles to cope as a widow, it's obvious that Becky will step in and offer to lend an extra helping hand. It's a move that's sure to guarantee a lot of hilarity AND heartwarming moments.

Becky & Jesse Decide To Do An Elvis Covers Record

Jesse has always been obsessed with Elvis, and he's also a great musician on his own. As he gets into his 40s and beyond, that love will manifest in a desire to make a covers album in tribute to The King, and it's only natural that Becky should get involved.

Becky Becomes A Grandma To Nicky & Alex's Kids

Nicky and Alex are grown now, but they both happen to get married right around the same time, and both their wives get pregnant, meaning Becky's a grandma! Even more hilarious would be if both Nicky and Alex's wives ended up having twins, but that might be a bit far-fetched.

Becky & Jesse Go Through "Tough Times" (But They Don't Break Up)

After being married for so long, it's only natural that Becky & Jesse would hit a rough patch. It's not enough to make them split up or get a divorce or anything, but it would add a bit of dramatic tension to the storyline and show just how strong their relationship truly is.

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