Lisa Vanderpump Is Heading To The Pitcher's Mound

Baseball season is in full swing (zero chance I'd resist such an obvious pun), so bring on the $15 beers and the celebrity first pitches! As far as famous folk tossing baseballs at catchers is concerned, the 2015 season is off to a great start: J.K. Simmons threw the opening pitch on Opening Day at Comerica Park; on Memorial Day, supermodel Karlie Kloss threw first the ball of the game at Busch Stadium; and earlier this month, Chewbacca took the pitcher’s mound at Fenway Park. (Fictional character or not, if you've won an MTV Movie Award, you're a celeb in my eyes.) However, my favorite has yet to happen: On June 19, Bravolebrity Lisa Vanderpump will throw the first pitch at a Los Angeles Dodgers game (I am a reality television-obsessed baseball fan who lives minutes away from Dodger Stadium, so yes, this is a dream come true). The occasion: LGBT Pride Night at Dodger Stadium. Vanderpump’s bestie Lance Bass will also be in attendance, as will country singer Ty Herndon and retired Dodger Billy Bean.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star will throw a pitch for the ages. Though I've never witnessed Vanderpump toss a baseball, I can't imagine it being anything short of perfection. Whether she’s appearing in music videos or selecting ensembles for Giggy, running restaurants or navigating conflict at reality show reunions, Vanderpump is always on her A game. She excels at literally everything she does, and I assume the first pitch will not be an exception. I'd be willing to bet a rhinestoned dog collar she can chuck a flawless fastball.

Don't mind me and my airtight deductive reasoning.

Image: drivenbyluxury/tumblr