Britney Spears Wants A Gwen Stefani Collaboration & What Would A Song From The Duo Sound Like?

Now, this is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S. Before you ask why I'm quoting song "Hollaback Girl" lyrics from nearly 10 years ago like it's a totally normal thing to do, here's the deal: According to Billboard, Britney Spears wants to collaborate with Gwen Stefani. Though, to me, this sounds like kind of an odd musical pairing, I’m all for mixing things up — plus, it’s a really cool thing to see legendary artists who’ve been around for a while come together to create an innovative sound. In my opinion, it’s a genius way to prove that they can totally hold their own amongst today’s steadily blossoming crop of new musical talent. So, that in mind, this hypothetical Britney Spears/Gwen Stefani collaboration definitely receives a big YAAAAS from me.

Stefani’s last album, The Sweet Escape, was released in 2006 (seriously, where does the time go?), so it’s really about time we heard some new music from her already — and if it features Spears, that’ll make it even better. Since Stefani's already worked with Charli XCX on her yet-to-be released project, I don’t see why she wouldn’t be totally on board with showing the queen of pop some love as well

But, until Stefani decides to hollaback (girl) and let Spears know she’s ready to hit the studio together, here are some potential topics I expect would be included a hypothetical song featuring the two pop icons:

A Fierce Ladies Anthem

Spears and Iggy Azalea's "Pretty Girls" was definitely a ladies anthem, but there's no reason the world doesn't need more — women should be reminded of just how awesome we are, all the time.

Some Majorly Empowering Lyrics

Considering all that Spears and Stefani have accomplished, they'd for sure both get major bragging rights about how hot/sexy/successful/empowered they both are.

Pharrell's Amazing Production

The producer/songwriter previously worked with Spears ("I'm A Slave 4 U," "Boys") and he produced Stefani's song "Spark the Fire" — so it would only be right if we hear evidence of his influence in a Stefani/Spears track.

A Straight-Up Party Song

There's always room for an infectious, energetic party song. I'm talking about music that we can all groove to before hitting the town for a night out.

Some Honest Relationship Talk

We need you to give it to us straight, Brit and Gwen — even if the relationship truths hurt.

A Song For The Haters

A conceptual cross between "Hollaback Girl" and Spears' "Piece of Me" would be great — but with a little more edge that officially puts the haters in their place.

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