'Empire' Deserves A Big Critics' Choice Win

One of the biggest flaws of any given award show is its inability to select nominees that are actually worthy of being considered "the best of the best." More often than not, top-notch talent gets overshadowed or completely snubbed altogether (i.e. Orphan Black). However, this year's 2015 Critics' Choice Television Awards, which airs this Sunday, appears intent on breaking this rather annoying streak by nominating shows that actually deserve the recognition — one of which includes FOX's breakout hit series, Empire , nominated in the Best Drama Series category. And I think I can speak for countless others when I say that this freshman show deserves to come out on the winning side.

I mean, from a ratings standpoint alone, Empire has more than proven its worth, having drawn platinum figures by its Season 1 finale. That alone should tell you just how popular this show has become. Then there's the unforgettable cast of characters Empire has brought to the table. Cookie Lyon became an ultimate Empire favorite thanks to her superb fashion and sassy comebacks. (Seriously, I can't walk down a hallway these days without feeling the urge to throw my shoe at someone.) Yes, this family of Lyons made us instantly fall in love with them since Day 1, and it's a relationship that's bound to grow even stronger over time.

But let's just pretend for a moment that riveting characters and dynamic ratings aren't enough to make Empire the most worthy opponent for this Critics' Choice recognition. After all, it's not as if the other nominees are exactly lacking in those departments either. So what makes Empire the best candidate? I could try to chock it all up to the glorious perfection that is Cookie, which, quite honestly could probably win this argument altogether. But this show is so much bigger than her unforgettable personality. It isn't afraid to tackle some major real-life issues and bring them to the forefront for all to see.

Take Lucious, for example, who constantly tried to shame his son, Jamal, for being gay. In fact, he thought it would make him a liability to the company. So what did Empire do? They had Jamal stand up for himself and be true to who he is. That's a great message to send to the show's millions of viewers, especially ones who have faced similar obstacles in their own lives. The same can be said about Andre's bipolar disorder. Not too many shows tackle such sensitive issues regarding mental health and yet it's something that needs to be addressed since there's so much more to the condition than most of us know. This is Empire's way of helping to get the discussion and dialogue started.

Then there's the fact that show is just extremely entertaining, pure and simple. Yes, it tackles important topics and teaches you about the many ways money and power can corrupt a family. But it's also hilarious and fun and full of love. Because despite what the Lyons do to each other, at the end of the day, nothing is stronger than family. And when you factor in the phenomenal original songs into this equation, it heightens the scenes with a whole new level of emotion.

Empire has proven to be a giant in both the TV and music industries. So, come on, critics — let's show this series some love.

Images: Chuck Hodes/FOX (2); supagirl/Tumblr; entertainmenttonight/Tumblr