Cat Deeley Hosts The 2015 Critics' Choice TV Awards & Here Are 11 Reasons Why She's Perfect For The Job

The Critics' Choice Television Awards have only been around for five years, so the ceremony has yet to give rise to legendary hosts that rank alongside the likes of Bob Hope, Billy Crystal, or Neil Patrick Harris. But when the fledgling organization tapped So You Think You Can Dance host Cat Deeley to emcee this Sunday's ceremony, they made pretty much the best possible decision available to them. Past hosts of the CCTV Awards include more-than-capable comedians Cedric The Entertainer and Retta (of Parks and Rec fame), but throughout her 10 years on FOX's hit dance competition show, Deeley has proven that she's basically the best host on television.

This will actually be Deeley's second time hosting this particular awards show — she emceed the inaugural ceremony back in 2011, as well. Back then, Mad Men and Modern Family took home the two top prizes; this year, the competition is fiercer than ever, with seven nominees in both the Drama and the Comedy Series categories. Old standbys like Game Of Thrones and Veep will face off against splashy new shows like Empire, Jane The Virgin, and Transparent. Luckily, Deeley has her experience hosting 11 out of the 12 seasons of SYTYCD to steer the ship successfully through this clash of titans.

Here are 11 reasons why Cat Deeley is the perfect choice to be the host of the CCTV Awards and, you know, everything on television:

1. She Always Looks Flawless

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Not that looks are the most important thing, but if you're the person I'm primarily going to be staring at for the duration of a three-hour ceremony, it doesn't hurt to have a few exciting outfits. Deeley has proven time and time again that her fashion game is on point, and I'm sure she won't disappoint this Sunday.

2. She's A Total Weirdo

She's beautiful, she's fashionable... and she's a complete goofball. Part of the reason Deeley is so relatable is that she's not afraid to look completely ridiculous in front of millions of people. She approaches dramatic eliminations and comedic interludes with the same aura of self-confidence, which makes her supremely easy to watch.

3. She Knows How To Take A Joke...

Look at that. People only dare to make fun of such a goddess literally behind her back.

4. ...And How To Make One, Too

But Deeley can give as good as she gets, too. This darling gif is from the 2008 parody Britain's Got The Pop Factor And Possibly A New Celebrity Jesus Christ Soapstar Superstar Strictly On Ice, where the SYTYCD host lampooned herself with aplomb. When the fake studio audience wouldn't stop talking while she tried to announce results, Deeley lost her trademark cool. (The fictional Deeley did, anyway. The real Deeley would never be so unprofessional.)

5. She Knows How To Cut The Tension

She knows when it's time to stop cracking jokes and get down to business... but she never lets things get too self-serious, cutting the tension with her winsome personality. This makes the competitors feel at ease, which is why the dancers on SYTYCD often feel less like rivals and more like a family. They're all in this together! Hopefully Deeley can bring this same sense of community to the cutthroat world of scripted television.

6. She's Got The Secret To Perfect Hosting

And it's not oversized specs and a flashy grill. When asked about her "secret" by Deadline, Deeley responded that, "The biggest thing is to be in the moment and just listen. I don’t mean going in unprepared. You can’t be spontaneous if you’re thinking, ‘Where’s my camera? What’s my script? Where should we be and what should we do?’ You’ve got to know all of that. It’s about preparation, preparation, preparation, so when it gets to the actual show, you just let it go."

7. She Can Roll With The Punches

Speaking of being spontaneous, Deeley has shown herself capable of improvisation when things don't go as planned — a crisis that could paralyze less capable hosts. (Here's looking at you, James Franco.) Case in point: this delightful exchange between Deeley and Season 8 contestant Ricky Jaime when he tried to run offstage immediately following his contemporary solo.

8. She's A Nominee

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Oh, would you look at that! Deeley herself is a nominee at this year's CCTV Awards! She's nominated for Best Reality Show Host, the fifth consecutive year she's up for that award — and she even tied Dancing With The Stars' Tom Bergeron for the trophy during the second annual ceremony in 2012. (Deeley has also been nominated in the corresponding category at the Primetime Emmy Awards the past four years in a row.)

9. She's Friends With Eddie Redmayne

Julian Finney/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Look at them just chilling together like it ain't no thang, like they're not both super famous super people who recently received prestigious awards for being the best in their fields. I'm not jealous of either of them at all.

10. And She's Friends With Tom Hiddleston

Okay, now I am jealous. I just can't decide which one I'm jealous of more...

11. She's Friends With Both Of Them At The Same Time


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