Kanye's 'Kim K: Hollywood' Avatar Would Be Swish

For a moment there Thursday afternoon, I thought Kim Kardashian: Hollywood finally added Kanye West and North West to the game. I saw a few headlines, and before I read further, I allowed myself to get all sorts of stoked. YES!!!! I thought. Kim Kardashian's husband and daughter finally get to be a part of the lightning bolt fun! (And yes, I am still playing Kim Kardashian: Hollywood . To quote Ye jam "I'm In It": "I'm in it and I can't get out".) But when I saw Glu Games' actual tweet about the latest KK:H update, my excitement died out instantly, like a lit match dropped in a bottle of water I'm now responsible for.

That does not look like Kanye, I thought as I looked at the tweeted photo. And that does not look like North. And that is definitely not Kim. There's zero chance that is Ye and Nori. False alarm. A few hours after the initial tweet-nouncement, Glu Games told The Huffington Post that the 2D gentleman in the tweeted photo is not a Kanye West avatar, and the 2D child is not supposed to be North West. The game has added babies, but not a Nori baby. Sigh.

Alas, I do hope Kanye and North are one day added to Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. If North was in the game, I imagine she'd be the cutest cartoon toddler. Ugh, there'd be so many cute cartoon fur capes!!!!

And if Kanye was in the game? Oh, you bet I have a list of wishes:

God Level Outfits

His avatar would have to be dressed to kilt, er, kill.


Whether it's an actual sound clip or written out in a word bubble, I'd expect the KK:H Ye to pepper "Huh?" throughout his dialogue.

A Marble Conference Table

Avatar Kanye and Avatar Kim's home would not be complete without a marble conference table. Can't have a conference without one, duh.

A Flamethrower

Up until this very moment, I didn't realize just how devoid of flamethrowers KK:His. Could definitely use more flamethrowers! If Yeezy joins the game, I'd love it if he jazzed things up with some pyrotechnics.


In addition to being a solid album name, it's an excellent way to punctuate a sentence.

The Kanye Shrug

I would be devastated if Ye's avatar didn't occasionally lift and lower his shoulders.

Images: bound-2, champagnemami13, vevo, middlechildswag, kanyebeyoncedraket*ts, thegiflibrary/tumblr