20 Adorable Tattooed Couples (#RelationshipGoals!)

Much to the chagrin of my virgin-skinned partners, I've spent a good chunk of my adult life either planning or saving for tattoos. But somehow I never managed to be half of a tattooed couple, like I always dreamed I would be as a young, ink-obsessed teenager. Back then, my bedroom was adorned with pictures of my favorite punk and metal couples, duos that made love seem so much more aesthetically appealing. Of course, in the 90's, it was far more rare to see both men and women covered in tattoos — even a few strategically-placed designs made someone part of the "club." I used to even count Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee on my list of favorite inked lovebirds, and she only had that barbed wire arm band and little else.

Today, it takes a lot of ink to pass muster as an aficionado, as tattoos are becoming more and more common. There are thousands of gorgeous, happy couples showing off their body art (and their boos) on Instagram, and while that may make it a little less rare, to me, it doesn't make it any less hot. Here are 20 adorable tattooed couples that will inspire you to drag your S.O. to your local shop stat.

These two are clearly thrilled to have met their tattooed match.

I don't know exactly what's going on here but it's incredibly sexy. More please.

Tattooed love selfie!

Matching shoes, matching tats.

Looks like a couple who knows how to have a good time.

Lady loves with some fiendish ink.

See? Tattoos age pretty damn well.

I love a good tattooed couple wedding.

This guy's tattoos are a head above the rest. (Sorry, had to.)

Just. Too. Cute.

Inked family!

Yes to everything about this photo.

Getting skintimate.

This duo would have definitely made my teenage bedroom wall.

Gorgeous gals.

Just your average Sunday morning.

Looking good, guys.

Bedroom eyes.

More #tattooedcoupleselfies please!

Who needs clothes when you have tattoos?

Images: Instagram