72 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 6 Dreams For Hanna & Caleb That Would Make It The 'Shippiest Year Yet

We know you've been dreaming about Haleb and their impending reunion ever since that truly romantic "there's no way Hanna wouldn't call me" moment in the Pretty Little Liars' Season 5 finale. OK, fine. Fans are always dreaming about Haleb because, while there are many struggles of being a Hanna and Caleb 'shipper, they truly are the series' OTP. Thankfully, the spring hiatus is finally coming to an end as Pretty Little Liars Season 6 premieres on June 2, potentially bringing a whole new season of beautiful and heart-melting Haleb moments . And, like any good 'shippers, we've kept a running list of everything we want for the couple this season — because I. Marlene King really needs to make good on those faux-pregnancy Instagram photos.

A handful of important PLL Season 6 spoilers have already been dropped at this point — including the anticipated time jump that'll come after the midseason finale. But what exactly does that mean for Haleb when the show returns? Would King really not give us a Haleb wedding when it would make PERFECT sense? We could go on forever with questions about Haleb's future — especially now that we know that the dollhouse will challenge Haleb after the Liars finally escape. But we'll let this list of 72 hopes and dreams for Haleb in PLL Season 6 do the talking.

1. Hanna defends Caleb

2. Hanna says “bitch”

You know it's the best.

3. More photos of Caleb in the Dollhouse

4. Caleb looks for Hanna

5. Ashley & Caleb team up

6. Caleb punches someone in the face while looking for Hanna


7. Caleb punches Ezra in the face while looking for Hanna.

8. Caleb punches Charles in the face????

9. Caleb finds the Dollhouse


11. Reunion in a Notebook-esque rainstorm


13. Haleb cuddles

14. Hanna calls Caleb

Too many feelz.

15. New matching phone cases

16. More matching flannel


18. Haleb for prom king & queen

19. Caleb in a super sexy tux

20. Haleb dances to “XO”

We all cry.

21. Actual date night

22. Emotional swing-set convo

23. Hanna goes to Montecito

24. Hanna bonds with Caleb's family


Even though we might not be able to handle it.

26. Haleb compromises a crime scene

27. Haleb cuts Lucas out of their lives FOREVER

28. Haleb plans for the future

29. Caleb gets into the same college as Hanna


30. Hanna learns about student loans

31. More Haleb cooking scenes

32. Caleb moves back in to the Marin house

33. Haleb shower scene Part II

Presented without comment.

34. Caleb and Toby work out together

35. Shirtless sit-up montage

36. Hanna comments on Caleb’s abs

37. Hanna Burns all of Caleb's shirts

Worth it.

38. Travis comes back, Haleb rubs the 'ship in his face

39. Holbrook comes back, ditto

40. Miranda’s ghost comes to Rosewood, ditto


41. Haleb gets a dog, names it Haleb

42. Haleb graduates together

43. Haleb decorates their graduation caps with coordinating designs

44. Hanna pulls a Topanga at graduation


45. Caleb, obviously, says yes

46. Caleb later proposes to Hanna because he already had it planned #InSync

47. Hanna’s rock is on fleek

48. Ali realizes that Haleb is #RelationshipGoals

Haters to the left.

49. Promised Haleb pregnancy scare

50. Haleb wins the time jump

51. Haleb 5ever, stronger than ever

52. They get a sick apartment with a fuzzy pink lamp

For protection, duh.

53. Ultimate city power couple


55. They stay engaged through college

56. Hanna tries on wedding dresses, Caleb is there because they've used up all their bad luck

57. Another surprise dressing room makeout

Bridal shop style.

58. Wedding planning montage


60. Ashley walks Hanna down the aisle

61. Mona is the maid of honor

62. Haleb writes their own vows

And they'll be the most beautiful vows of ALL TIME.

63. Spencer catches the bouquet

64. Haleb honeymoon



66. Haleb gives “Essence of Best Boyfriend” as a holiday gift to EVERYONE

67. Haleb wears identical outfits by accident

68. Haleb couple’s Halloween costume


70. Seriously, make good on those Instagrams, I Marlene King.

71. Haleb baby wears mini leather jacket and flannel combo

72. Haleb lives happily ever after

Come on, PLL writers, make it happen! It's not like we're asking for a Haleb spinoff series. Although...

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