How To Make S'mores Out Of S'mores Oreos

by Sadie Trombetta

When I was a kid, there were two kinds of Oreos at my local grocery store: Original, and Double Stuffed. I wonder what my six-year-old self would think now if she stood in the cookie aisle looking at the dozens of flavors on the shelf. I bet she'd be licking her lips, debating whether Red Velvet Oreos or Cotton Candy Oreos were the right choice. That is, until she found the new S'mores Oreos, because little me, just like grownup me, was a sucker for the original summertime marshmallow snack. Six-year-old me would probably make her eyes big, her smile wide, and her voice adorable as she asked her mom "Please, can we get just one more box?"

Luckily for my adult self, the person who makes the grocery decisions now is me, so during my last trip to the store, I had no problem saying "yes" to a few boxes of S'moreos (yes, I already have a nickname for them, because that is how much I love them). Some Oreo flavors have come and gone (RIP Fruit Punch and Limeade cookies), but for everyone's sake, I hope that the s'mores edition sticks around for a while. Marshmallow and chocolate creme sandwiched between two graham cracker-flavored cookies? What's not to love?! Not only are they delicious on their own or dipped in chocolate milk (which is my personal preference), but as their moniker would indicate, they are perfect for snacking on while hanging out around the campfire.

But what's the best way to eat these, you ask? As actual s'mores. Call me crazy, but I was determined to find out how to use these amazing snack cookies to make my favorite ooey, gooey, summertime treat. Here are a couple of different options:

The Toasted Oreo S'more

When I decided to make s'mores using Oreos, my first instinct was to roast the cookie on the end of stick, like you would a marshmallow. I go camping all the time, and I have constantly been surprised by what tastes good over a fire (if you've tried roasting a Starburst, then you know what I mean). But alas, S'mores Oreos did not make the cut. The sugary creme center melted and dripped out, and the cookies tasted charred — and not in that tasty burnt marshmallow way either. There had to be a better way than this.

Single S'more

The next logical step in creating the perfect s'moreo was to add marshmallow and chocolate to the mix. Since the cookies are graham cracker-flavored, that aspect of the traditional s'more was covered, but I wanted a bit more of the sweet stuff. I carefully twisted the Oreo apart, and added a layer of chocolate bar and a toasted marshmallow between them. Yes, this is how a S'mores Oreo is supposed to taste— sweet, sticky, crunchy, and bite-sized. Now I was onto something, but I wanted to take it a step further.

Double Stacker S'more

With cookies this good, using just one Oreo was simply not enough. Instead of twisting and splitting one cookie, I sandwiched a toasted marshmallow and chocolate piece between two cookies. Double the cookies, double the filling, and double the finger-licking sweetness. After all, s'more is short for "some more," isn't it?

Chocolate Lover's S'more

Not to hate on graham crackers, but I'm into s'mores for their sticky marshmallows and their creamy chocolate, so this variant was by far my favorite. One S'mores Oreo cookie and a toasted marshmallow squished between two pieces of chocolate make for a sugary, gooey, crunchy fireside snack.Trust me, the melty mess is worth it.

Images: Sadie Trombetta