Kim Shares A Major Insecurity On 'KUWTK'

It is time to pour 40 ounces of Kirkland brand chocolate covered raisins out on the ground, because yet another half-season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians has come and gone. It seems like it was only two months ago we were noshing on chips with Faye Resnick at Casa Vega! (Oh, wait. Season 10 did begin two months ago. I guess my internal calendar doesn’t need recalibration after all.) A lot happens on Sunday’s midseason finale (and how about that promo for the second half of the season? KIMYE BABY NUMBER 2!!!!), but I can't stop thinking about the scene in which Kimberly Kardashian-West reminisces about the time she played a classic board game with one of the most famous families in music history.

At the Montana cabin/palace (aka the Kardashian Kharades arena), Jonathan Cheban and Kourtney sit down at the kitchen table. Kim joins them for a game of gin. Kourtney asks Kim how to spell oui, and then questions her instinct to ask Kim how to spell something. A twinkle appears in Kim’s eye. A memory has struck. A very special, life-changing memory. She goes on to share said special, life-changing memory with the table and the E! cameras.

I will now break down each line of Kim's magnificent anecdote:

“I have a very big insecurity about ‘angel’ and ‘angle.'"

Do go on. I am all ears. Cheban and I are all ears. Could not be more intrigued right now.

“I was playing Pictionary when I was 15 years old with the entire Jackson family—including Janet.”

Did Kim just say she played Pictionary with the entire Jackson family? Did I hear that correctly? [Rewinds DVR.] Yep, I heard that correctly. WHAT A LIFE.

“I was like, ‘Yes! I got a good word, it’s easy, I got this.’”

Always a great feeling. Love strutting into a round of Pictionary with my chest puffed out.

“I’m writing it ‘angel,’ and Jermaine and Janet are jumping up like, ‘Wings!’ ‘Halo!’ ‘Angel!’”

This story is too much. This is the greatest story that’s ever been told. I live and die for this story.

“But the other team sees the card, and they’re like, ‘Kim, that’s angle. We’ll give you the point, we feel so bad for you.’”

Oh. Oh, no. Not a pity point. Pity points are a fate worse than death.

“I literally wanted to die.”

I feel you, Kimmy K. Excellent use of the word "literally."


What a great way to wrap up the first half of the season. Until Season 10 part two, you darling angles!

Images: Brian Bowen Smith/E! Entertainment; plumkat (2), bricesander, gif-weenus, yourreactiongifs, totallylaughed/tumblr