Elizabeth & David Could Get Back Together On 'Finding Carter'? That Divorce Might Not Happen After All

Three little words were apparently all it took to convince Elizabeth that, maybe, she could work things out with David on Finding Carter. No, not those three little words — apparently all David needed to do was say, "Make a wish," and fix his wife's backwards necklace to win her over. At the end of Tuesday's episode, it really seemed like Elizabeth and David could get back together on Finding Cartereven though Elizabeth called for a divorce just a few episodes ago, after learning that David had a one-night-stand with Lori before Carter was kidnapped. Is a reconciliation really what Elizabeth would wish for, though?

David and Elizabeth really hit the ground running with their separation — neither wasted a lot of time starting or rekindling relationships. But, at least from what we saw on Tuesday night, it might've been those outside relationships that made Elizabeth realize that, even through all of the chaos, she wants David on her team. Elizabeth didn't seem to be taking too well to Kyle's call to take their relationship to the "next level" by moving in together, but her conversation with David's TA and semi-love interest Hillary really pushed her back towards her husband.

Trust me, I was thinking the same thing you were when Finding Carter showed these two women bonding over white wine and the fact that they have feelings for the same "sweet" guy — it seemed totally crazy for Elizabeth to be OK with hanging out with Hillary. But telling the story of what made her really fall in love with David in the first place clearly made Elizabeth realize that she really isn't done with her marriage. So, will David support her decision to call off the divorce? He didn't necessarily want it in the first place, but he became kind of supportive during this week's paperwork drama. Would the Wilsons be better off apart than they are together? Either way, Grant and Taylor will be happy for some type of closure in this situation and, honestly, David and Elizabeth together is kind of starting to grow on me, too.

Image: MTV