Signs You Are Princess Sparkle From 'The O.C.'

Hi, there. If you're reading this, I'm going to go ahead and assume that means you — yes, you — suspect you might be The O.C.' s very own Princess Sparkle. I hope I can be of help. Maybe you read my very serious, no-nonsense, to-be-taken-literally Captain Oats post, “7 Signs You Are Captain Oats From The O.C.,” and thought, "allllllmost, but not quite." Maybe, while combing through that list, you might’ve realized that even though you are not Captain Oats, you do feel a kinship with another character from the Fox primetime soap. A character who calls Summer Roberts her best friend. And no, I do not mean Marissa Cooper. I'm referring to a character who wound up in Orange County by way of the land of My Little Pony. The one and only Princess Sparkle.

If you say "YES YES YES YES YES THAT IS ME THAT COULDN'T BE MORE ME" to all eight of the characteristics listed below (seven out of eight doesn't cut it — 100 percent or bust), you are without a doubt Princess Sparkle. Not like Princess Sparkle. You are Princess Sparkle.

(If you are indeed Princess Sparkle, I bow to thee, you royal magical pony. It's truly an honor.)

1. You Have A Gemstone-Covered Star Tattoo On Your Hip

So gorgeous.

2. You Have Blue Hair

Whether you're soaring through the sky or hanging out on Summer's nightstand, your long locks are always a-flowin'.

3. You Love Staring At The Sky

You're always looking upward. The direction of your gaze may or may not be a permanent thing. You don't want to miss any birds, rainbows, neat-o clouds, et cetera.

4. Your BFF Is Summer Roberts

Consider me jealous.

5. Your Significant Other Is Captain Oats

It was love at first neigh.

6. A Lilac Horn Protrudes From Your Lilac Forehead

All lilac everything (except for your mane, that is).

7. You’re A Movie Star And A TV star

In addition to being a figurine, you also happen to be a major character in the My Little Pony franchise.

8. Your Hooves Blend In With Your Legs

Where do your legs end and hooves begin, exactly? You'll never tell!

If you've gotten this far without saying "nay" to a single item, congrats, you magical unicorn!

Images: Fox; mtv-fora, jaclynnicolee (2), jessicasweet-pea, cam-gigandett, the-oc-california, mlpseriesresource/Tumblr