7 Signs You Are Captain Oats From 'The O.C.'

Friend. Confidant. Mage. Nobleperson. Quadruped. Those are just a few of the words I associate with Captain Oats, The O.C. 's resident toy Appaloosa horse. Yes, he is a plastic figurine, but he does not let that hold him back: Captain Oats is a pillar of strength for roommate Seth Cohen, friend to Ryan Atwood and Summer Roberts, and love interest of Princess Sparkle. Truly a one of a kind.

Perhaps you do not identify with any of the characters that make up The Core Four. Maybe you aren’t exactly a real-life Sandy Cohen (but who is, really?). And you might not have much in common with Kevin Volchok (hopefully, you have zilch in common with that toxic goblin).

…But maybe, just maybe, you see yourself in Captain Oats. Maybe, just maybe, you relate to the toy horse more than you relate to, say, Marissa Cooper or Winchester "Che" Cook. Maybe, just maybe, you think there's a chance you are actually Captain Oats. Maybe, just maybe, you want to figure this out once and for all.

Look no further. You've come to the right place. If you say "THAT'S TOTALLY ME" to all seven of the following characteristics, you are definitely Captain Oats from The O.C.:

There Is Something Undeniably Magnetic About You

You could be standing still on a shelf in Cohen's room, quietly minding your own business, and people will still be drawn to you.

You’re One Half Of An OTP

OTP = One True Pairing.

Your OTL Is A My Little Pony Named Princess Sparkle

OTL = One True Love.

You’re A Really Good Listener

And you're always down to volunteer your services.

You Are A Four-Legged Mammal

A four-legged mammal with hooves, a mane, and a tail.

You Can Fly-Gallop Across Any Room

With a little assistance from a human friend, of course.

You Are A Plastic Toy Horse Who Bunks With Seth Cohen

100 percent synthetic material.

Images: Warner Bros. Television; put-on-your-pearls, jaclynnicolee, ccaptain-oats (4), mgoudeys/tumblr