7 Tom Hiddleston Magazine Covers That Will Make You Weak In The Knees — PHOTOS

Attention, Hiddlestoners, it's time for your daily dose of the magnificent Tom Hiddleston (that is if you haven't already got your fill, which surely isn't possible). Now, we all know how amazing Tom Hiddleston looks in magazines. If you've never checked out his many photo shoots (let's face it, who hasn't?), then you need to get on that, stat. However, have you seen the many faces of Hiddleston when he is the cover star of a magazine? Yes, it's as amazing as it sounds. When it comes to the actor, he can make you weak in the knees with his smolder, blue eyes, smile, and impeccable fashion, among many other qualities, and his magazine covers show off all of this.

Whether he's being himself or portraying a character, like Loke in Thor and The Avengers, the man can do no wrong. Basically, all other celebrities should take notes from the actor whenever posing for covers. Similar to how he can woo anyone with his words, his dance moves, and his singing, the same goes for whenever he is on a magazine. I have no doubt my fellow Hiddlestoners agree with me. Right?

Now, let's bask in the gloriousness that are these seven magazine covers featuring Tom Hiddleston and all the ways he makes your heart go pitter-patter.

1. When He Flaunted It With Dragonflies

Has Tom ever looked better than in this Flaunt magazine cover? Plus, look at those dragonflies on his jacket.

2. When Went Deluxe & Beyond

That hair. Those blue eyes. That turtleneck. Need more, Deluxe, stat.

3. When He Was Crowned King

RadioTimes got it right when Hiddleton, along with Ben Wishaw and Jeremy Irons, was named a "King of Cool." That he is. That he is.

4. When He Got All Yearly

1883 never looked so good. Also, I would travel back to 1883, if it meant I could hang with Tom.

5. When He Fangirled, Majorly

This Hiddlestoned fan magazine shows pure dedication. You have to give his fangirls credit in creating their own cover. Don't ever say Hiddlestoners aren't committed to their favorite actor.

6. When Loki Ruled The Empire

If anyone should rule an Empire, it's Tom Hiddleston and the evil, but beloved, Loki.

7. When He Was A Cover Star

On Elle UK's iPad magazine cover, never has he looked so good and like a classic movie star.

I'm pretty sure Hiddleston needs to be on more magazine covers. Who's with me?