Jennifer Lawrence Needs To Play These Roles Next, Because She Can Do Anything & Should

Jennifer Lawrence is an amazing actress with an already impressive Hollywood career, but she's still pretty young and that means we've (hopefully) got several more decades worth of amazing J.Law movies to come. And while her body of work has included a post-apocalyptic government rebel, a comic book superhero, and an Ozark mountain girl, there are plenty of roles she still hasn't played, and some of them, I'd quite like to see, if I'm going to be honest. After all, Lawrence has a natural knack for being able to inhabit pretty much any character set in front of her not only convincingly, but in a really honest and impressive way. Basically, she can play anyone, and so she should.

According to her IMDB page, Lawrence has several diverse movie roles currently in the pipeline, including a sci-fi adventure, a war drama, and a family comedy. Those are all probably going to be amazing by sheer virtue of the fact that Lawrence is in them. But what can I say — I'm a dreamer, and I'm ready to see her spread her wings even more when it comes to the characters she plays. Casting directors of Hollywood, take note. Jennifer Lawrence needs to be booked in for these roles ASAP.

A High-Powered Lawyer

Can't you just see Lawrence as some bad-ass, take no prisoners lawyer that stands up for justice and gets it any way she can? I'm feeling Erin Brockovich vibes in my mind, and that story has been told, but that's the general idea of what I'm going for. This is numero uno on my list of desired J.Law roles.

A Chef

Lawrence has never made her love of delicious snacks a secret, and why would she? Food is delicious. I say we take that love of edibles on screen and put her in a kitchen as an executive chef. She can run a cut-throat kitchen and not take any nonsense from her sous chefs and oh man, I can see it now!

A Slapstick Comedy Dork

Part of the reason we love Lawrence is because she's a mega dork in the best possible way. I'd love to see her do a full-on comedy movie that's silly and completely irreverent because aren't those the best to watch? Pair her up with Melissa McCarthy or another comedy actress of equal caliber and you've got yourself a box office winner. I can see it now.

The First Lady

I know I keep dreaming up high-powered female characters for Lawrence to play, but is there anything wrong with that? I think not. I'd love to see her in the Oval Office as the First Lady (no ideas on which actor would be the president), because she'd totally be the REAL ruler.

A Scary Movie Stereotype

I'm not saying I want Lawrence playing some brainless bimbo, but I'd love to see her in a horror movie as the potential victim. Of course, in my dream version, she'd get to breaking point and strike back against the slasher/ghost/whatever and destroy him/it entirely. Gimme it now!

A Femme Fatale

While I'd hate to see Lawrence (or any woman, really) taking on a role of being nothing but a sex object, there is a way for the femme fatale to be intelligent and entirely in control of her sexuality and totally sexy in the process. Let's give Lawrence a chance to go there, because I think she'd be great at it!

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