Melissa McCarthy Wears Jon Stewart Robe On 'The Daily Show' And It's Kind Of The Best

Melissa McCarthy has been slaying it style-wise these days, and her appearance on Wednesday night's The Daily Show episode was no exception. McCarthy wore a Jon Stewart robe on The Daily Show, and it was the best thing I've seen all week. The actress is a true funny woman, and this time she chose to bring the laughs and also to honor Jon Stewart in the best way possible: through fashion.

McCarthy sported a black and white kimono that was basically a collage of Stewart stills arranged in what she described on the show as "perfect placement." In the interview, Stewart was clearly impressed, and even offered to give McCarthy personal performances once he retires (I have one question — how does one get in on this?).

Robe aside (for just a second), McCarthy has been on everyone's radar these days, due to both her acting and design pursuits. Her clothing line, Melissa McCarthy Seven7, was launched with rave reviews, and her recent red carpet appearances have brought out major style envy. But let's face it — how else can you truly express your sadness about Jon Stewart leaving The Daily Show except with Jon Stewart tribute jacket? I personally can't think of a better way.

Let's just hope this somehow makes it into McCarthy's next collection. I can't be the only one who wants their own Stewart dress, right? Check out the hilarious interview and the dress itself in the video above.