11 Times Cameron Eubanks' Style On 'Southern Charm' Absolutely Slayed

If you're a fan of Southern Charm on Bravo, then by now you know a few important things: Charleston looks like a really fabulous place to live, family money doesn't necessarily mean manners, and Cameran Eubanks' style is the epitome of classic, southern sensibilities with a modern, chic twist. Even if Lily Pulitzer or sundresses aren't your cup of tea, it's pretty much impossible to deny that Eubanks has excellent taste. Her style seems effortless and also, she's just flat-out hilarious which, of course, makes me love her even more. If there's anyone on she show you want to be BFF with instantly, it's Cameran. Also, for the record — just in case we do ever become friends, I would like to say that I think it's appropriate to share closets at all times. As BFFs do.

From being the voice of reason in the show to rocking outfits that we all want to own, Cameran is just a fabulous woman overall. Plus: She's sassy. And, in my humble opinion, sassiness means so much more than so many other boring qualities. Not to mention, it really adds an extra something to your personal sense of style. From prints to solid colors and classic shapes, Cameran's style on Southern Charm is something we can all be taking notes on.

1. One-Shoulder Green Dress

I like this picture, because you can just tell that Cameran is about to say something funny about whatever absurd rich people things are going on. And, let's be honest, absurd rich people things are pretty much the premise of the entire show.

Full-length gorgeousness of the green dress:

2. Red Dress And Heels

Every episode Cameran inspires me, yet again, to explore a more simple wardrobe. I suddenly want to throw out all my costume jewelry and crazy shoes and just buy simple, well-made pieces and fabulous, classic heels. I realize soon after that I could never throw out any of my accessories without some sort of intervention, but still: The inspiration is there.

3. Little Black Dress For The Reunion Show

See what I mean, guys? Classic pieces are EVERYTHING.

4. White Lace Dress

I think every girl needs a favorite white lace dress in their wardrobe. I not only say this because at this very moment I am, in fact, wearing a white lace dress (steadily making more points to support our one-day BFF-ship, as you can see), but also because it's a versatile piece. I mean, just look at how cute it is the when Cameran styled it her way!

5. Off-The-Shoulder Dress

These kind of dresses are my favorite, and I have to say — it's one of my very favorite looks on Cameran. But, as you can see, I kind of like all the looks. I'm a fan.

6. Patterned Sun Dress

Pastels are cool. Pastels are cool. Pastels are cool. Repeat that to yourself until you buy a bright, patterned sundress and look this adorable.

7. Pink Polka-Dotted Top

Pink polka-dotted top not in your wardrobe yet? OK, I can't say I'm surprised. It's not exactly a pattern and color combination you see around often, but maybe it should be.

8. White Summer Dress

The girl is really making a case for white dresses in summertime, am I right?

9. Pink, AGAIN!


10. Little Yellow Dress

OK, now I want more yellow clothes. You do too; admit it.

11. Neutral Moment

See? She can rock neutrals just as well as she can pull off pink dresses — which is, in my opinion, the only true descriptor of a rock star.

Images: Bravo (3)