How Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris' Styles Have Started To Influence Each Other's Wardrobe

Call it coincidence or what you will, but Taylor Swift's twee style has taken quite a turn since entering into a rumored relationship with fellow performer Calvin Harris. According to reports, the duo began dating in February following Harris's admission that Swift was "lovely" but not quite the singer's cup of tea. It seems that Harris's sentiments towards the "Style" singer were not the only swift transformation to occur in the intervening months. Notorious for her prim, saccharine sartorial preferences, Swift began to don ensembles remarkably similar to her suitor. Could it be that Swift's proclivity to aesthetically match her male companions isn't a habit the Grammy-winner is ready to shake off?

Perhaps Swift's aesthetic transformation stems from the singer's transition to New York City, but Harris and Swift have stepped out in corresponding ensembles on more than one occasion. Notable occurrences over the past several months include a jaunt to a concert in Los Angeles, during which the pair donned black leather motorcycle jackets, and a Whole Foods run for which the couple sported corresponding olive and black separates. However, Swift's metamorphosis is greater than simply fashioning ensembles to match Harris on the couple's frequent date nights.

After several months of dating, Swift appears to have adopted beau Harris staple hues, sporting dark monochrome ensembles and favoring hues like grey and white blended in with her pastels and brights. In addition, Harris seems to have expanded Swift's sartorial horizons in terms of the star's chosen silhouettes and fabrics.

The flared skirt and crop top devotee now often strolls the streets in denim, bomber jackets, and loose-fitting sweaters. Onstage, Swift's 2015 wardrobe is similarly experimental, featuring innovative interpretations of menswear staples and a startling array of statement booties. While the probability of Swift assuming Harris's uniform of slouchy black trousers and black trainers for all of her public appearances is slim, the singer has dipped a toe into an edgier look over the past several months. It would take more than a casual relationship to force Swift out of her floral midi skirts and Christian Louboutin pumps, but the singer who once insisted on a hiatus from men is by all appearances off the wagon once again — and her style has arguably never been better.