How Much Do You Tip For A Bikini Wax?

One of the most uncomfortable experiences of all time for a lady has to be getting a bikini wax (OK, maybe second to child birth). So if you manage to score a pain-free wax, then you're probably more than happy to open up your wallet and leave a big tip for your bikini wax. But if your wax leaves you limping in pain, just how much is enough to tip?

Tipping for beauty services is complicated. While hair highlighting is expensive and labor intensive, by contrast, an eyebrow wax is quick and cheap, so does the tip vary based on the price and duration of the service? Not necessarily, and the basic rule still stands: for bikini waxes, start at 20%. If you have a relatively comfortable wax (as comfortable as a bikini wax can be), feel free to tip a little bit higher (same goes for if you were running late, or they squeezed you in at the last minute).

If the wax is a scream fest, however, that doesn't give you an excuse to close up your pockets. Everyone's tolerance is different, and a painful wax isn't necessarily a reflection on the esthetician — you could just be extremely sensitive. And besides, this is an extremely personal service, so less than 20% is a bit insulting.


Images: Getty Images