Exes Play "Truth Or Drink" And It's So Awkward

What's your worst nightmare in regards to your ex? Could you not even be in the same room with them, or are you open to chatting as long as they don't try anything? What if someone made you play truth or drink with an ex? There's no chance I'd agree to it, mainly because I'd end up wasted, because I would blatantly refuse to answer ANY of his questions. Even the best break-ups don't make you want to sit across the table from your ex and play a drinking game that involves rehashing your relationship. But the folks at Cut Video managed to convince several exes to get into a room together with booze and play a game. (Not in a dirty way. Though, hey, maybe it gets dirty. Stay tuned.)

It's a simple premise: They can either answer the provided questions or take a shot. Some weird sh*t comes out. One couple broke up on g-chat. (If that doesn't make you feel better about your break up, what will?) They have to ask the other person how long it took to get over "us"? I CAN ANSWER THAT FOR MY EX, THANK YOU. (What, guys? That was a response one of the people in the video gave. Don't make this weird.)

Before you see this whole video, I need to tell you that body shots happen:

All those who think this is perfectly illustrating their worst nightmare, say "Aye."


And now, for the full spectacle:

Serious question: How many of these couples hooked up after filming this video?

Images: YouTube