7 Things Princess Charlotte & Prince George Might Be Thinking In Their First Official Photos Together — PHOTOS

A collective exclamation of "aww!" was heard around the world when Prince William and Kate Middleton welcomed their second child, Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, on May 2. Twitter understandably exploded when Prince William and Middleton first stepped out to debut their beautiful new bundle to the world and the world continues to anxiously await — and feel all the feels — new photos of the achingly adorable princess. As if Princess Charlotte hasn't already supplied us with an overload of cute already, her older brother — Prince George of Cambridge, who will turn two on July 22 — delivers an equal amount of squees with his inimitable cuteness. There's no doubt that Prince George is poised to be a stellar older brother to his new sister, but since her arrival, we haven't really seen any moments between the two.

Well, guys, get your squees ready and prepare for your hearts to explode into a confection of feels, puppy dogs, rainbows, and anything else that spurs the best feelings ever, because Princess Charlotte's first official photos with Prince George have been bestowed upon us via social media. Kensington Palace tweeted the first official photo of the adorable pair and subsequently a few more aww-worthy photos with the caption: "Prince George and Princess Charlotte together at home #WelcomeToTheFamily." Color everyone ecstatic, because the photos are more adorable than anyone could have imagined.

Prince George already appears to be a pro at the role of older brother and Princess Charlotte, of course, just keeps getting cuter every time we see her. During such a monumental moment, the two siblings could be thinking all sorts of things. We obviously can't know what said things are for sure, but wouldn't it be fun to muse about the possibilities for a moment or two? You don't have to ask me twice. Let's take a look at what these beacons of cuteness could be thinking in the above photos.

"Could We Be Any Cuter?"

Seriously, how is it even possible to fit that much adorableness into one room? I can't.

Prince George: "I'm So Tired Right Now"

It may be my imagination, but Prince George appears a wee bit sleepy in a couple of the photos. Hey, being a prince and international figure before your second birthday can be exhausting. Hopefully both got to take a nap not long after the photos were snapped. Work hard, nap harder — amiright??

Princess Charlotte: "Yeah, I'm Tired Too. I'm Actually Tired A LOT."

I mean, eating and sleeping are two of the top activities we need to take part in when first entering the world, right?

"People Really Like To Take Pictures Of Us & Our Parents."


Being one of the most — if not the most — photographed families on the planet can likely be a bit perplexing when you haven't even started school yet. Hopefully there's plenty of breaks for these two from all the constant snapping. I see spots after taking a selfie, so I can't even begin to imagine how the Royal Family's eyes feel some days.

Prince George: "You're So Young. Don't Worry, I'll Show You The Ropes"


It doesn't matter if you're one year or several years apart, you're likely always going to be viewed as "the baby" by your older sibling — not that that's a bad thing! As a younger sibling, myself, it's nice to have someone protective over you and looking out for you, even when you're in the same age bracket.

Princess Charlotte: "Is It Time To Eat Yet?"

Eat, sleep, repeat. That's pretty essential when you're a baby. Come to think of it, that's pretty essential for everyone.

Prince George: "Good Call. Snacks Need To Happen ASAP."

OK, I officially need a snack now too. Congrats to the Royal Family!

Images: Getty Images (3); Giphy (5)