11 Inspirational Sam Smith Music Video Moments, From Pensive Stares To Magic Tricks

Let's face it: it's difficult to feel anything other than inspiration when you've got a poignant Sam Smith track sweetening your earbuds. Smith's inimitable vocals — which I've decided are what velvet would sound like if said fabric had a voice — paired with his lyrical acumen never disappoint when you need a song to catalyze all the feels imaginable. Many tracks like "Stay With Me" and "I'm Not The Only One" are downright heartbreaking at points, while also being punctuated by several inspiring messages that we can all relate to. For the song "Money On My Mind", Smith utilizes the mantra "I do it for the love" to drive home the song's message that some of the best things in life don't have a price tag.

As moving as Smith's songs are, he hasn't failed in delivering equally poignant music videos to accompany his biggest hits. If I pointed out — and screenshot — each and every inspirational moment from Smith's music videos, this post would likely turn into a novella. However, upon shrewd examination of Smith's hottest videos (research doesn't get more fun than this), I've compiled 11 moments that are bound to leave you feeling inspired. Let's take a look, shall we?

This Street Performer From "Money On My Mind"

There's some serious talent going on via the street performer featured in Smith's video "Money On My Mind". Watching this man's deft hat-balancing skills is kind of inspiring me to learn some magic tricks.

Smith Telling Us He Does Everything "For The Love" In "Money On My Mind"

Set in Las Vegas, there are several moments peppered into the video for "Money On My Mind" where the people's minds are arguably being vacated by thoughts of making some serious coin. Smith inspires us with the mantra, "I do it for, do it for the love." Sidebar: I once won $20 playing slots. Don't be jelly!

This Pensive Moment From "Stay With Me"

In the music video for "Stay With Me", we see Smith grapple with feelings of loneliness after a one night stand. His plaintive moments remind us that we all experience feelings similar to these at some point and it's OK to vent these emotions before moving forward.

This Other Pensive Moment From "Stay With Me"

So. Many. Feels.

This Group Of Singers From "Stay With Me"

We're not alone in feeling those feels, guys!

Dianna Agron's Hair In "I'm Not The Only One"

I'm inspired to search for a Pinterest tutorial on this look, stat!

Smith's Card Tricks In "Restart"

Is there anything he can't do?

When Friendships Are The Best Ships In "Restart"

"Restart" shows Smith performing live, hanging out with friends, and reveling in his — extremely well-deserved — international success. The video offers a look at how dreams truly can come to fruition, as Smith quickly became an acclaimed fixture in the music industry.

This Sweet Shot Of New York City In "Like I Can"

It's pretty impossible to be anything other than inspired when looking at a picturesque black-and-white shot of New York City.

This Random Dance Number In "Like I Can"

Arguably, the music video for "Like I Can" doesn't exactly fit the lyrics, but with all the random dance numbers, dapper gentleman, and flower giveaways, you don't really mind.

This Beautiful Moment In "Lay Me Down"

OK, the music video for "Lay Me Down" is definitely a tear-jerker. The video begins with Smith singing at the funeral for his partner and recedes to a flashback of the two getting married, with all their friends singing along. Although the music video has a sad ending (and, well, beginning) it succeeds in inspiring us to keep our hearts open to love, even when it can be fleeting.

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