10 Reasons Caitlyn Jenner Should Write A Book ASAP, Please

You may have heard a little something about the fact that Caitlin Jenner is here (and free!); there was a rumbling here and there on the Internet. (Ahem.) Although we've only just met her, and there's already a Caitlyn Jenner docu-series in the works, I don't feel I've even come close to scratching the surface of her story.

In light of the Kardashian-Jenner klan's impressive track record on the shelf and the public's voracious appetite for more to know and love about the newly minted Ms. Jenner, it seems only natural that Caitlyn should take her talents to the printed page. Whether Caitlyn follows in the footsteps of Kendall and Kylie and gets fictional with her creative impulses or takes a leaf out of Kim's book and finds a way to share her story selfie-ish-ly, a world of readers awaits her book with bated breath.

So, in the spirit of Pride Month, and with the hope that maybe dreams really do come true, I humbly offer 10 reasons why Caitlyn Jenner should get started on that book of hers right away:

1. It Does Get Better

Some of us are lucky enough to be born into a body that just feels right, and to fall in love without the glare of outdated prejudices to knock us off cloud nine. Unfortunately, life and love aren't always that convenient. For everyone who's ever felt trapped by expectations or intolerance, a closer look at the Caitlyn Jenner story might just be the perfect reminder that it really does get better.

2. Inspiration Is About More Than Just Accomplishments

As a former Olympian, Caitlyn Jenner knows better than anyone what it takes to become an American hero, and why those impressive accomplishments alone are not enough. In a world where we collect degrees, friends, followers, and work experience like Beanie Babies or Pokémon cards, Ms. Jenner's story shines a little light on what truly makes life worth living.

3. Honesty Is the Best Policy

The glow of Instagram makes life seem like a sun-drenched series of perfect picnics, sexy date nights, and char-grilled steaks, so owning up to those moments when the house is a mess, the sunburn won't fade, and the cat has peed all over your new shoes can be an act of great courage. We could all use a little more honesty in our lives, and on the heels of her gutsy transition, Caitlyn seems to have candor enough to spare.

4. Freedom Comes in Many Forms

As a world-class athlete, a father, and a reality TV star, Ms. Jenner wasn't able to find true peace before becoming the woman she was meant to be. Freedom may come in the form of financial security, or fame, or family, but it may also show up to surprise you in ways you never expected. Remaining open to the possibility that the good life may not look like you always expected it too might just be one of the greatest gifts a Caitlyn Jenner story could give us.

5. Change Takes Courage

It takes courage to bare your soul without knowing how the world will react — at the heart of Ms. Jenner's big reveal glows the fearlessness it takes to dive headlong into the great unknown. You can do all the planning you want (and I love a good plan just as much as the next girl) but the future is going to catch you off guard no matter how solid your forecasting system. A book from Caitlyn might just offer a few pro tips on accepting whatever it is that the world has in store for us.

6. There's More to Celebrate Than Glamour

Although she positively glowed on the cover of Vanity Fair , there is so much more to the loving father, accomplished professional, and daring advocate than just great legs. A Caitlyn Jenner book might be just what the doctor ordered to push the superficial stuff off page one and take some time with what truly matters.

7. Community Can Make the Difference

No one can make it through this world alone, and whether you draw on the support of family, the strength of friends, or the inspirational stories of strangers, community can make all the difference. By sharing her story and standing strong and proud as the person she is, Ms. Jenner's book would be one beautiful step towards a global community supportive and loving of every single one of us.

8. There Is Always More to a Great Story

Great stories have so much more than just a beginning, a middle, and one big reveal. Let's meet all the supporting characters, let's get a sense of the scenery and the subplots, let's follow every twist and turn with a book that truly flushes out the Caitlyn Jenner story.

9. Not All Creativity Can be Captured on Film

Caitlyn Jenner clearly has creative vision, but there are some passions that simply can't be captured on film. A Caitlyn Jenner book would offer a whole new creative realm for Ms. Jenner to meet and master.

10. The Next Adventure Awaits

The world is clamoring to retrace the steps that brought Caitlyn Jenner to this momentous transformation, but a Caitlyn Jenner book might also give us a sneak peek at what comes next for the world-famous woman. After all, the next adventure is always just around the corner, and there's no better way to meet and master the challenges of the future than with a great book.

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