Every Moment Of DJ & Steve's Relationship On 'Full House' Packed Into This One, Tiny Little Graph Will Give You Feels

Over the years, we watched as the eldest Tanner girl on Full House grew from a little kid with oversized sweaters and big hair to a full-fledged young adult with a car and boyfriend. With D.J.'s help, the show dealt with many relatable issues, such as school and sibling trouble, but, most importantly, the topic of young love. Though D.J. had quite a few love interests throughout the series, none quite compared to D.J.'s romance with Steve Hale.

Sure, Steve may have posed as your typical high school jock, playing the wrestling team captain who loved to eat, but his love for D.J. was definitely one for the books. Seriously, this couple stayed strong even through some of the toughest trials. Not only were their characters super adorable on screen, but Candace Cameron and Scott Weinger are still good friends in real life. (That's how we get sweet moments like when these two actors made all our Full House dreams come true by making a cameo together on ABC's The Neighbors.)

Although D.J. & Steve are still one of the greatest couples to come out of Full House, like everyone else, they still had their fair share of highs and lows.

Image: Warner Bros. Television; Dawn Foster/Bustle