Guy Proposes On The Last Day Of His Girlfriend's Chemo Treatment, And Their Story Will Make Your Face Leak — VIDEO

What better way to celebrate one hardship ending with the glowing beginning of a new adventure? Lucas D'Onofrio suspected this sort of formula as truly winning when he recently proposed to his high school sweetheart her last day of chemotherapy treatments. Seriously, guys, you might have thought you were done with viral proposals, but this is an emotional roller coaster you're all going to want a ticket for.

Proposals can go pretty wrong, as we darn well know. Elaborate proposals in general are pretty risky. As a person who has never been personally close to marriage—as in, poised to start considering whether or not white would be a total joke selection (it would)—I can only speculate. But, guys. Marriage is a big freaking deal that I imagine would necessitate a lot of #realtalk, honesty, and long, long conversations. As opposed the way the Internet tends to present it: A thing you do after reaching some quantitative benchmark, but only under circumstances that involve utter surprise. It's the surprise part that makes me slightly nervous, and the public aspect that makes me almost never want to get close enough to another human to ever chance experiencing this firsthand. Anyway, I guess some people are mentally healthy enough to take the plunge and that makes me all the happier for them.

Especially when their plunge involves a long romantic history staked in teenage love with some Nicholas Sparks elements stirred in. D'Onofrio decided his longtime girlfriend's final day of chemo treatment would be the perfect time to lock down their partnership for life. To set the stage, he stuffed her Boca Raton Regional Hospital room with red roses and festive balloons.

Apparently his girlfriend (now fiancée, spoiler alert) was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in mid-February and immediately placed on a six session cycle on chemotherapy treatments. D'Onofrio stuck right by her side the whole time. And of course he wanted to finish off the treatment with a specific celebration: Their future lives together. Some crucial elements he includes:

Huge bouquets

That thing is the size of a small horse! Very well done.

Professional photographer

Clearly. Pics or it didn't happen.

Friends and family present

Nothing like having all the people you love in one room ready to celebrate this huge, exciting new venture!

So sweet. A huge congrats to the happy couple!

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