Does Erin Andrews Sing? The CMT Music Awards Host Will Probably Stick To What She Does Best

Once you've had Tom Bergeron as a hosting partner, I imagine it's hard to work with anyone else. But Erin Andrews is probably thankful to have Brittany Snow alongside her while hosting the 2015 CMT Music Awards, because at least Snow can carry a serious tune if the show calls for it on Wednesday night. But what about her co-host? Does Erin Andrews sing? If you try to find internet evidence of the sportscaster's musical prowess, you'll mostly just end up with the video below, which shows Andrews and Fox Sports broadcaster Charissa Thompson very briefly singing Daft Punk's "Get Lucky." But that doesn't mean she's not qualified to host the CMT Music Awards

Collectively, Andrews and Snow are bringing pro-hosting abilities, musical talent, and a lot of really great hair. Or as they wrote on Huffington Post while giving fans the top ten reasons to watch: "One way or another, you'll find out why we are hosting the show. It will make sense that we're here. We think." Andrews has made it clear she's a huge fan of country music, and while she might not be hopping up on stage to sing alongside her "blonde obsession" Carrie Underwood, you can bet Underwood will a get a perfectly executed intro, know exactly where to exit the stage, and the post-performance throw to commercial will be flawless... because if there's one thing Erin Andrews knows how to do, it's host.

Let's remember all the reasons Andrews is destined to be on that CMT stage (and maybe tackle Luke Bryan).

She Can Dance

OK, OK, dancing isn't a hosting necessity, but I don't want Snow to get all the artistic contribution credit to this hosting team. If Andrews needed to, she could snap into the perfect Argentine Tango with Blake Shelton (now that is something I'd like to see). She did place third on Season 10 of Dancing With the Stars, after all. And they obviously liked her moves over there because...

She Can Host

They made her a host! I didn't love it for my girl Brooke Burke, but when DWTS asked Andrews to step in as Tom Bergeron's partner in crime, my new girl Andrews stepped up to the plate. Sparkle Box correspondent is a pretty thankless job, but Andrews knows how to keep the show moving while also snatching a moment or two people will still be talking about the next day. What more could you want in a host?

She Can Handle Anything

Of course, all this professionalism comes from years as a sports field reporter, wrangling pro-athletes, and getting them to say something (anything!) after major wins, or worse, major losses. After a lengthy career with ESPN, Andrews moved on to Fox Sports in 2012 where she covers just about every major sport as both a field reporter and studio host. All of that in addition to the DWTS gig!

When you think about it, Andrews is kind of the host-iest host out there (save for Seacrest, of course), so don't be surprised if you see her at the Oscars in a few years.