Shia LaBeouf's "Just Do It" Speech As A Pop Song Is Actually Super Catchy, So Thanks For Something, Internet — VIDEO

Here's a weird generational gap: When you hear Shia LaBeouf's name, what's your first association? If you were born after '94, you will come to know him for his "Just Do It" speech, or maybe the "Just Do It" speech remix by The Gregory Brothers that just got thrust upon the internet. If you're born between '92 and '94, you think of him as a heart-throb in Transformers or Fury, or about the time Shia LaBeouf got arrested. If you were born between '89 and '91, you immediately think of Even Stevens. And finally, if you were born before '88, you think it was entirely unjust that he was in Transformers and wish we would all shut the eff up about Shia LaBeouf.

Regardless of which category you fall into, we can all admit that much like the Roman Empire, Shia LaBeouf's career had a distinct rise and fall. He recently put out a motivational speech shot on green screen and it encourages you to JUST DO IT. Then it was photoshopped against a Los Angeles back drop. And then, because we live in the Internet era, it was parodied several billion times and turned into a hilarious Teletubbies video. Basically this guy has been meme'd to infinity and beyond, thanks to his most-likely-not-so-accidental green screen in the back of the original.

Most recently, his speech was transformed into a remix by The Gregory Brothers. It gets pretty trippy.

Yet, strangely enough, it's pretty addictive to listen to:

Don't let your dreams be dreams, guys. If LaBeouf's encouragement can't convince you to follow your dreams, what will?

Perhaps several more LaBeouf videos? I mean, we obviously can't leave you hanging and not show the aforementioned videos. His "Just Do It" video has been photoshopped to perfection.

Shia annoys his neighbors

This is LA man, you can't just be screaming from the roof tops. Someone's gonna hear you and file a noise complaint. Get it together.

Teletubbies Shia

And then for all you former hardcore Teletubbies fans, this will prove that your old favorite show isn't irrelevant. Lala is so clearly stealing the show (suck it, Tinky Winky).

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