Let Robots In Disguise Transform Your Style

Back in the mid noughties, my friends introduced me to an electro pop girl band and I became obsessed. Robots In Disguise is a two-piece electro punk girl band that brings a cacophony of electric beats and eccentric Robots in Disguise style to all of their performances. They are the most eclectic duet you are likely to see and their live performances are full to bursting with energy, fun, and disco sounds.

Robots in Disguise is comprised of Dee Plume on guitar and Sue Denim on bass with both women singing harmonic melodies. I would liken their sound to a cross between Peaches and Kaiser Chiefs; their lyrics can be racy and their tunes are a selection of electro numbers that are given a rocking indie edge.

The women aren't just musically talented, though; they have also appeared in British cult comedy series The Mighty Boosh playing their evil alter egos the Electro Girls and The Goth Girls. Dee Plume even dated the disheveled darling of British comedy and one of the stars of The Mighty Boosh, Noel Fielding.

Robots in Disguise (RID) made it big in Europe and the U.K., but it appears for now things have been placed on hold. Their last album Happiness V Sadness was released in 2011 and I am unsure as to whether they are working on a new one. I have discovered that the ladies have embarked upon solo projects, though. Plume's is named Psycho Delia and Denim's is Sue and the Unicorn, but I have my fingers crossed that Robots in Disguise does not fall to the wayside.

However, it's hard to imagine that a band whose music was featured on Ugly Betty and whom created a song for cosmetics company Barry M (which thereafter financed a music video and created a lipstick shade in their honor) would give up the ghost so quickly.

So to rally the Robot Patrol, here's how to get their zany, amazing style.

The Sad Clowns

In their video for "The Tears," the women dress up as clowns in their silent movie style escapade. Plume wears a top with a classic diamond pattern and Denim wears a jumper with a line of pom poms down her front.

'80s Black & White Diamond Design Jumper, $46,

Copy Ms. Plume in this classic diamond knit with its monochrome color scheme that makes a nod towards the black and white movies that "The Tears" video is based on.

Cream Knitted Sweater Jumper With Pom Poms Design on Front, $22,

Channel Denim, but put a summery take on her dark outfit with this cute cream sweater.

The Shiny Blue Rompers

The Robots in Disguise gals are seen wearing these awesome electric blue rompers to match their Barry M lipstick in "Robot Blue." The women are always pushing fashion and beauty barriers in true riot grrrl style.

Abi All Over Sequin 3/4 Sleeve Playsuit, $8,

This sparkly blue playsuit is sure to be a hit with the RID girls; it's shiny, it's short, and totally fun! Just like them. And at only $8, your bank balance won't be complaining either.

The "Turn It Up" Outfits

In one of my favorite RID music videos for "Turn It Up" the ladies wear a mismatch of styles with crazy makeup. Denim is seen in a strapless red dress with a bright yellow tassel necklace and Plume wears a corset style, lace-up t-shirt.

Strapless Bodycon Dress, $20,

Copy Ms. Denim in this striking scarlet dress.

Green Upcycled Fringe T-Shirt Necklace, $15,

This pale green, fringe necklace is a similar style to Sue's neon yellow one and will have you rocking futuristic cowgirl vibes.

Restyle Corset Bondings V-Neck Women's T-Shirt, $19,

Steal the style of Plume's lace-up tee without the hassle of having to actually lace it up. The bright pink design matches her accessories, too.

The "Girl" Pink Catsuits

Coming over all retro in their music video for feminist tune "Girl," RID don space age pink catsuits while fighting evil villains inside a giant robot; think Pacific Rim with a 1970s disco twist.

Magenta Catsuit, $90,

Rock a hot pink, full body catsuit like Plume and Denim and be ready for anything, including defeating giant, rampaging robots.

Pieces Skinny Metallic Belt, $20,

Add a hint of space girl chic to your outfit with this holographic silver belt.

Rhinestone Metal Chain Epaulet, $5,

Purchase a sparkling, silver shoulder pad or two to unleash your inner disco diva or glam rock goddess.

If you ever get the chance to attend a Robots in Disguise concert, use this RID style guide as your fashion cheat sheet to be sure you stand out from the awesomely eccentric crowd.

Images: Robots in Disguise/Facebook; RuthRender, PresidentRecords, MesVideos, EmilyGraham/YouTube; Courtesy Brands