'Game Of Thrones' Parody Is Perfect For Summer

I can't walk past a gym or a juice bar without a bajillion chalk boards and ads reminding me that "summer is coming," so I had better whip my flabby cheese-loving body into "bikini bod" mode. Summer means skin, and, if you show your skin while being whatever your current body type is, then you will be ravaged by locusts and die alone. Or something along those lines. The brilliant minds over at CHIX Productions have just released a brand new video titled, "Shame of Thrones" that mocks how intensely women are encouraged to get in shape for summer — and, by get in shape, I mean forced in to bouts of self-hatred combined with extreme dieting and exercise.

However, it's not just the impossible standards set for women that the sketch tackles; it also takes on how men, especially those embracing the Dad Bod craze, don't have suffer to through it. Wouldn't it be so much of a better world if we could all let our belly stick out and our body hair grow as it is without fear of social and sexual exile?

What I love even more about this video is the Game of Thrones motif — the series has been under fire for its treatment of women since its inception. (SPOILER ALERT) In just the last three weeks, Sansa was raped, and young Shireen was burned at the stake. It's no coincidence that this video uses the Game of Thrones theme to tell its story.

Any video that can satirize the summer bod, and call the biggest show on television out on its objectification and de-humanization of women, is a winner in my book.

Check out the video below.

Image: CHIX Productions/YouTube