T-Rav Makes One Terrible Boyfriend

The second season of Bravo's hit reality series Southern Charm might be over, but fans of the show will continue to discuss the drama, the cast, and the antics, because that's what true charmers do. For example, what better way to anticipate Southern Charm 's third season (which will hopefully happen) than by focusing on Thomas Ravenel's terrible boyfriend qualities? Come on, you know you're thinking it too. He makes an awful significant other, especially when it came to his ex Kathryn Dennis. Let's face it, T-Rav = Worst. Boyfriend. Ever.

Throughout the entire second season, Thomas was focused on his campaign (and that not-so-charming "Raise the Roof" ad) that his relationship with Kathryn failed miserably. Whether he was leaving her in the dark about his campaign, going to southern balls without her, never listening to her when she was talking, or expecting her to not have a life and just get dinner on the table, Thomas as a boyfriend was one of the worst things I've ever seen on reality TV.

Thank goodness they're broken up (or does this photo from June 1 of Kathryn and Thomas say otherwise?), because Thomas has a lot of learning to do when it comes to treating women the right way, especially when it's his significant other and mother of his child. With that said, here are seven times T-Rav was the worst boyfriend ever.

1. That Time He Forgot To Thank Kathryn

Remember when they had people over during Thomas' campaign? During T-Rav's thank you speech to his guests, well, he forgot to thank Kathryn. Not only was that bad, but he also voiced out loud, "Who else did I leave out?" *facepalm*

2. That Time He Danced Rather Than Listened

During Cooper's ball, Kathryn tried to have a serious talk with Thomas, but rather than listen, he decided it was best to showcase his dance moves and ignore her. Thomas, dancing isn't going to make Kathryn forget.

3. That Time He Left Without Kathryn

Also on the night of Cooper's elaborate southern ball, Thomas ditched Kathryn at home for a while, because it was important for him to campaign and say "hello" to everyone early in the night. It took him forever to go back and even get Kathryn. I'm pretty sure this is not proper southern etiquette.

4. That Time He Went To A Hotel

Oh, Thomas, just because your campaign is important to you, that doesn't mean you just totally ignore your girlfriend. For example, remember that time Thomas went to a hotel and said he couldn't talk to Kathryn for a while, because his campaign needed him? Yeah, not cool.

5. That Time He Didn't Want Kathryn's Help

Throughout his entire campaign, he didn't really want Kathryn involved. All she wanted was to be a part of the campaign, but he wouldn't let her. Bad. Boyfriend. Material.

6. That Time He Didn't Want Kathryn In His Life

As his girlfriend, Kathryn had every right to want be a part of Thomas' life. However, he didn't seem to really want that, because he was too busy filming ridiculous campaign ads or not talking to her for three days at a time.

7. That Time He Said Terrible Things

Thomas is the master of horrible comments, especially when it comes to Kathryn. For example, here's one: “Somehow my mother was always able to get dinner on the table for us to eat, I just expect somebody to come close to that standard." No, just no.

See what I mean? Worst. Boyfriend. Ever.

Images: Brianna Stello/Bravo; Bravo (screengrab)