Chrissy Teigen Is Back To Dirty Blonde

Well friends, Chrissy Teigen's hair is back in headlines. Today the gorgeous model debuted new dirty blonde locks on her Instagram account. The look is so summer ombre fun, and I am especially loving those bleached tips.

Given how often Teigen changes her hair, chances are this lovely blonde hue won't last long. Toward the end of February, the model dyed her sweet blonde hair a warm brunette hue, then tossed in a slew or rich honey highlights barely days later.

Possibly explaining all of the color changes, recently Teigen admitted most of her locks aren't actually her own. She told Elle, "Ninety percent of mine is fake, so I don’t care if I am going to change it up like crazy ... I have such a good team that I really trust. When they want to change it up and I’m ready for a change, I’m with it. Sure, people are going to give you crap. They’re going to like it or they’re not, but it’s just hair.” Seriously love her no-shame game for fake hair. It would honestly be impossible to keep it so silky and luxurious-looking otherwise!

I really dig the new summer blonde and hope it sticks around for more than a hot second! But given Teigan's track record, I probably shouldn't count on it.

Image Credit: Chrissy Teigan/Instagram