New 'Orange Is The New Black' Season 3 Inmates Include A Familiar Face & Potential Love Interest For Piper

The cage is full all over again — the new season of Orange Is The New Black premieres on Netflix this Friday! I'm know I'm ready to spend another summer (or weekend, let's be real) at Litchfield Penitentiary. Who are the new Season 3 Orange Is The New Black prisoners? Another season means at least a few folks checking in.

Season 2 of the Netflix series brought us the Big Bad villainess Vee, as well as the bubbly millenial Brook Soso. The third season will also be light on new characters, which is a good thing in my opinion. There are so many fantastic Orange is the New Black prisoners already. I'd rather delve into the backstories of the characters we already love but don't know so much about than shift focus to new characters.

That said, all television shows have got to keep it fresh somehow — especially shows like Orange Is The New Black that are so easy to binge watch. Bring on the new inmates! This season, the ladies of Litchfield will also be joined by a new corrections officer played by Marsha Stephanie Blake. We'll also meet the mother of "Pornstache," played by Mary Steenburgen. Also joining the series this season are comedian Mike Birbiglia, who plays one of the prison's new owners, and actress Blair Brown in an unknown role. As for behind bars? Here are the two new major players to get pumped about.

Stella Carlin

Played by Australian actress, model, DJ, and overall renaissance woman Ruby Rose, this new inmate seems well poised to start a love triangle with Piper and Alex. As someone who's not all that impressed with their 'ship to begin with, I'm hoping that Stella's character will effectively mix it up. Stella is also described as sarcastic and "captivating," which is nothing new coming from OITNB creator Jenji Kohan, to be honest.


We've actually already met Lori Petty's OITNB character once before, in the Season 2 premiere that took Piper out of Litchfield. She's the one who sat next to Piper on the plane, had vaseline hidden in her ear, and subsequently got beat up while Piper betrayed her in order to keep up tough appearances in the new facility. She's maybe the only other prisoner, other than Pennsatucky, who actually sees Piper as dangerous. Still, she's new to Litchfield and I'm glad to see one of the characters from that stand-alone episode come back. Can we see the astrology-obsessed prisoner in Season 4?

Images: JoJo Wilden/Netflix