6 Ways People Abroad Can Always Spot An American

How do you think other people perceive you? In an ideal world, we wouldn't care what people think, but I'm not going to pretend I don't care a lot about the opinions of others. I do. I'm not ashamed. I care. But if you go beyond your personal characteristics and are walking casually down the street, do you come off as American? Have you even ever thought about it? We often talk about how we don't want to come off as oblivious Americans abroad, but how can people from other countries tell you're American? Apparently, behaviors that seem completely normal to Americans are foreign to, well, the rest of the world. And also those behaviors are slightly repulsive. Reddit posted the video yesterday, and since, Americans have been clicking, and posting, and sharing, and re-clicking, to learn their distinguishing traits.

(Full disclosure: I grew up here but am technically Canadian which is the only reason I'm not taking offense. The only thing people assume when they see my passport is that I'm pleasant AF and will probably apologize even if you step on my toes, which is true, by the way.)

Anyway, if you're eating a cheese burger, are wearing loose clothes or have ~sexy muscles~ then congratulations! You might just be American.

Here are 6 ways people from other countries spot Americans, according to the video.

1. Americans wear loose clothes

Maybe they just, like, don't care how they look?

2. Americans are carrying extra weight

Which is a result of McDonalds and NOTHING ELSE, apparently.

3. Breaking: Americans have an American accent

Also, breaking: Americans don't think they have an accent.

4. American eat at McDonalds, even when they're abroad

5. Americans smoke, and put their cigarettes out wherever they want

I'm sorry but of all the countries where everyone smokes, you're going to call America out? We are not alone in this grossness!

6. Americans are loud

Land of the noise complaints, that's what we are.

For more depressing realizations about Americans, watch the full video:

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