Anthony Kiedis Poses For Marc Jacobs With Cute Son

Marc Jacobs' ad campaign run for 2015 continues to feature unexpected and totally awesome artists, making it one we won't soon forget. Red Hot Chili Peppers singer Anthony Kiedis and son Everly Bear are Marc Jacobs' latest models, following in the well-heeled footsteps of Cher and Willow Smith.

It's an impactful image of father and son, which lands a little over a week ahead of Father's Day. Kiedis, with his '70s porn star 'stache, is wearing a red blazer, which looks like a Hugh Hefner smoking jacket, with no shirt underneath and just enough of his bare chest peeking through. Everly, who has the most amazing celeb kid long hair this side of Kate Hudson's son Ryder Russell Robinson, is perched on dad's lap while barefoot. What a cute kid! Kiedis better watch out because he is gonna be a heartbreaker when he gets older.

The image is also a sweet way for fans of the alt rock singer to see him in dad mode. Kiedis is 52 and he has always been a looker, with his formerly long hair and tattoos. But here, we see him in serious-model-and-father mode and it's a vibe that suits him.

Kiedis and Everly are posed against the same tomato red background as the separate Cher ad and Willow ad, but while those ladies were dressed in artfully architectural gowns, father and son are decidedly more chill.

Kiedis is certainly ripped, but Everly and his innocence are the other centerpiece of this ad. At 7, he is long-limbed and could easily be on his way a modeling career.

So, yeah, I am loving what Marc Jacobs is doing with his latest campaign! Over-50 is the new 20, y'all. It appears that 7 is the new 20, too, thanks to Everly.

Image: Marc Jacobs (1)