Catbird To Launch Perfume Collection, Followed By A Color Cosmetics Collaboration With A Mystery Makeup Brand

New York-based indie designer Catbird wants you to start buying more than just their lovely, minimalist jewelry that created the ring stacking trend. According to Racked, Catbird is releasing a perfume collection this summer in partnership with fragrance house Obeah. Get ready to smell like a goddess.

The brand is clearly channeling some ancient Greek mythology vibes, naming the three perfumes Clio, Calliope, and Erato. They'll feature luxurious and natural ingredients, including green leaves, Mediterranean fig (noms), sandalwood, honey rose patchouli, banana leaf, violet, and tobacco. I don't understand the tobacco part, but c'est la vie.

Catbird isn't just stopping at perfumes, though. We can also expect a complete revamping of their candle line, as well as a new exclusive makeup collection. Apparently Catbird has already teamed up with one of the brands sold in the store to work on the custom beauty line, but have not told us which one. And because Catbird can't be slowed down, they're allegedly already working on a new perfume before the first three are even released! Dang, y'all. #Work

Nothing gives me all the happy feels like watching an awesome indie style brand continually gain traction, and I am thrilled for Catbird's expansion. The Bustle team loves their style, and we can't wait to check out the perfumes when they're released in stores and online on June 25th!

Image Credit: CatbirdNYC/Instagram (2)