Gigi Hadid Loves Ariel From 'The Little Mermaid,' & These Pics Prove She's Practically A Sea Creature

In the hilariously funny (and fashionable) game of Pictionary that she played with Michael Kors on camera, Gigi Hadid loves Ariel from The Little Mermaid if she had to choose a Disney princess. I feel her on that, because being a mermaid sounds like the best thing ever.

And while she may not actually be Ariel, I think she comes as close as you can to being a mermaid in real life, you know with her getting to pose in a bikini and travel around from beach to beach and whatnot. Way to go, Hadid! I wish I could be part of your world (pun 100 percent intended).

Even when Hadid is not posing on the sands of an exotic beach, she manages to very frequently channel a mermaid vibe. From her beachy waves to shiny red carpet looks, she has totally got the mermaid fashion thing on lock. Now, all she needs is a tail to complete the transformation.

In honor of her pipe dream of being a glam cartoon mermaid, let's look at all the times she channeled her inner Ariel. Prepare to be inspired ditch solid ground this summer and start living in the ocean.

Here are a few of Hadid’s most mermaid-esque moments:

1. Oh So Shiny

If Ariel had legs, she'd totally wear this jumpsuit.

2. Playful Colors

These colors are so bold and bright, any mermaid loving-girl would want to wear these pieces.

3. Washed Ashore

This entire look just screams, "I'm a mermaid who's come ashore."

4. A Day At Sea

She's even hanging out on the ocean in this one.

5. Staying Hydrated

A mermaid's got to have her water!

See, isn't Hadid practically a mermaid already?