7 Britney Spears Cameos & Guest Appearances That You Need To Revisit ASAP — Ranked

When it comes to the many talents of the one and only Britney Spears, most of us first think of her singing and dancing before anything else. But lest we forget, dear Brit-Brit fans, that the legendary Spears has also dabbled in acting throughout her career. Surely, you've seen the classic gal-pal comedy Crossroads , written by Shonda Rhimes and co-starring Zoe Saldana (who now portrays Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy) and Taryn Manning (who now portrays Pennsatucky in Orange is the New Black). It's a veritable time capsule of everything that was the late '90s/early '00s — much like Spears' other cameos and guest appearances in television and film.

Apart from Crossroads, in fact, most of Spears' television and film roles have been small guest appearances in some high-profile sitcoms and movie projects. I never said her acting career was perfect, of course — not all of the appearances were good, and I say that in the most loving way possible — but it is certainly diverse to say the least. Whenever Spears does act onscreen, there's always shades of Spears herself added to her characters — whether its an exaggerated Southern twang or a super saccharine smile, Spears always seems to be playing Spears. And I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want it any other way.

Here are Spears' most memorable cameos and guest appearances from the silly to the sublime...ranked. Take a look.

7. Longshot

britneyfan98 on YouTube

It's just bad. Not even the so-bad-it's-good kinda bad, either, which is just disappointing. But hey, look, it's Lance Bass!

6. How I Met Your Mother

mheadx on YouTube

Sadly, her character Abby falls for Ted, but then gets duped into dating Barney. Terrible options all around! What's worse is that she comes across as desperate and helpless. I love me some Brit-Brit, but this could have been way better.

5. Will & Grace

Miss. DeliciousF@G on YouTube

Spears played faux-conservative TV host Amber Louise.

4. Kenan & Kel

Lolan Aslien on YouTube


3. Glee

OfficialGleeWorld on YouTube

Ah, Spears being worshipped — just like she should be. Bonus points for the ranch dressing on pizza recommendation!

2. The Simpsons

noemistephanie93 on YouTube

It's Brit-Brit...but Simpsons-ified! That's how you know you've made it in Hollywood.

1. Austin Powers: Goldmember

Not only is it Spears in her pop diva prime, but it's also Spears as a Fembot!