This 'Jurassic World' Spoiler Will Shock & Terrify

Even before Jurassic World's release on June 12, fans of the dinosaur-centric franchise could already anticipate that this Jurassic Park sequel was poised to be one that would make us jump out of our seats. The Jurassic World trailers gave way to a genetically modified new dinosaur — the Indonimus rex — that is supremely intelligent, voracious, and one that likes to "kill for sport." Obviously, when you cherrypick DNA strands from different species in a way that is centered on creating a species who's main goal is to terrorize, things can go understandably awry. The main plot point in Jurassic World is the fallout that ensues when the Indominus rex escapes from her confines and sets out to wreak havoc on the theme park where she was to be unveiled as a new exhibit. As was the case in Jurassic World's antecedents, not every character makes it to the movie credits alive. Ironically, the movie's most grisly death scene doesn't involve its main antagonist.

***Warning: Some Jurassic World spoilers ahead.***

One of the film's lead protagonists is Claire Dearing (played by Bryce Dallas Howard), who is at the helm of the prehistoric theme park's corporate team. She is expected to watch her visiting nephews, Gray (Ty Simpkins) and Zach (Nick Robinson), but instead foists them on her assistant, Zara (Katie McGrath), in order to attend to her unremitting work obligations. Zara, of course, loses both the boys almost immediately until they cross paths at the park's center during the Indonimus rex's escapades. Although the Indominus rex is not currently in their proximity, a group of volatile pteranodons gets loose and proceeds to treat every park goer like a lunch tray by attempting to nom all their respective faces off. Zara gets a large brunt of the attacks, with one pteranodon lifting her into the air and toward an aquatic exhibit where a mosasaurus resides.

Earlier in the day, the mosasaurus had proven its lethal appetite by devouring an entire great white shark. Zara is dropped into the water, where she frantically attempts to swim from the group of pteranodons who continue to snap at her face and clothing. As Zara continues to frenetically attempt escape, the mosasaurus appears from its depths of the water to catapult Zara into the air. Zara's screams reverberate through the park as the mosasaurus unhinges its massive jaw before Zara's body — along with that of a pteranodon — disappear into the behemoth's gullet. Yikes.

I felt my jaw slacken and my pulse pounding in my ears during this scene — did you?? Obviously the scene was one that could have spurred a slew of emotions. Let's take a deep breath — as we continue to recover from the mosasaurus' voracious appetite — and look at seven reactions we may have had during Zara's demise.

I Think She's Gonna Be OK

For a while during the scene it looks like Zara might actually swim her way back to safety.

Those Pteranodons Are Really Persistent

Of all the throngs of people being attacked by pteranodons, Zara definitely got it the worst.


OMG was running through my mind (I also probably said it out loud a few times) pretty much during the entire scene.

OMG It's The Mosasaurus! This Will Not End Well

The minute that prehistoric snout appeared, we all remembered that the mosasaurus recently devoured a great white shark. So, yeah, it's not the sort of thing you want to take a swim with.


Seeing Zara peace out into that mosasaurus' gullet was pretty terrifying.

I Should Probably Exhale Now

Am I the only one who forgot to breathe throughout a majority of that scene?

This Movie Is Awesome!

There's nothing like a thrill — along with some genetically modified dinosaurs — to make your moviegoing experience truly on fleek.

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