13 One Direction Fan Tattoo Photos, Because Obviously A Boy Band Obsession Lasts Forever

Despite *NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees and even the Spice Girls, the world's (or at least my) hope for boy bands was restored when Simon Cowell assembled the boys of One Direction. And because boy band obsessions last forever, here are 13 tattoo pictures of One Direction. It appears that no one is safe from becoming this obsessed with the four (or maybe five?) boys.

I am not against tattoos. In fact, I am heavily attracted to them, and have one myself. However, it took me four years, countless trips to multiple tattoo salons, and my sister's brave hand holding mine to officially get the small tat. These fans, however, feel so passionate about the boy band, which has been around since each of the boy's stints on the 2010 X Factor season. Their lyrics have spoken deeply to them, their faces have broken hearts of girls they haven't even met and the band — even though their member numbers have diminished — will be forever memorialized on these human's bodies.

Rest assured, all of the tattoos shown on this article are real. Temporary tattoos show lack of commitment to the band and/or all of its members, and that will not be tolerated. Take a look at these 13 tattoos forever dedicated to 1D!

1. Tea Cups

If you aren't aware of Louis Tomlinson's tattoo of a teacup, you won't get this one. I can't deny the creativity behind having heart-shaped steam.

2. In Memoriam of Zayn

Two months ago, when Zayn left 1D, I don't think he knew exactly what he was doing to his fans. What's this guy supposed to do with these four outdated tats?!

3. You + I

This tattoo is actually creative... and, dare I say cute?. The good news is, if 1D ever does permanently dismember, she can totally pass this off as something she got for her bae.

4. The Names

She's going to have a fun time explaining this to anyone she ever attempts to date.

5. The Follower

No pain, no gain.

6. Lyrics

One reason I love 1D is because their lyrics are actually really great. This line can certainly apply no matter how old you are.

7. "It's a Louis quote..."

I like the quote, which appears to be handwritten. Way cool.

8. Add In Little Bit Of Landscape

Pft. Whatever, hater. These are awesome.

9. Tattoos + Applebees

Because is there a better way to celebrate than new permanent body markings inspired by boy bands and Applebees?

10. They Bring People Together

Not only does One Direction inspire tattoos, but they bring people together through blogs. And they will be forever soul sisters because of the tattoo (which apparently was a symbol of love Harry gave to Taylor Swift).

11. Happily Ever After...

...because this is staying on your body forever.

12. Portraits, Of Course


13. Any Others?

In case you, or anyone you know, has a 1D inspired tattoo, please tell this guy.

Images: Twitter (13)