A Timeline of DJ & Kimmy's Friendship, From 'Full House' Days To Their Inevitable 'Fuller House' Ones

When it came to Full House, D.J. and Kimmy were one of the most iconic friendships on the show. Even with drastically different personalities, these two girls had one of the best and strongest bonds — much to the dismay of the Tanner family. Taking a whole new spin on annoying next door neighbor, Kimmy was known for her stinky feet and unpredictable behavior, but even that didn't stop D.J. from loving her like a sister. Over the course of the series, D.J. and Kimmy were inseparable, bringing a whole new meaning to the term BFFs.

As if their time together as tweens/teens on the show wasn't enough, we will soon get to see them take on adulthood in the new spin-off series Fuller House . With a scheduled release date sometime next year, I'm eager to see where their friendship has taken them in the last few years. Can they still be the besties we all know and love with adult jobs and kids? Knowing how much these girls love each other, I'm sure it has only made them closer than ever. Because, let's be honest, the two of them have been through a lot together, from wild parties to crushing on boys.

Image: Warner Bros. Television; Dawn Foster/Bustle