7 Magical Places 'Once Upon A Time' Season 5 Should Go To Next, Because Storybrooke Is Getting Crowded

Even though Season 5 of Once Upon a Time is still far, far away, fans are already speculating what lies in store for the citizens of Storybrooke. Will Outlaw Queen get their happy ending, and what is Rumple going to do without magic? Of course, the biggest question on everyone's mind is, what will Emma be like as the new big bad? While last season was all about finding the author to get villains their happy endings, fans can bet this next season will be primarily focused on Merlin and destroying Emma's darkness for good. And with the addition of new characters that can only mean one thing — the discovery of new lands in Once Upon A Time Season 5.

Over the past four seasons, creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz have taken us everywhere from Oz to New York City and back again, but, believe it or not, there are a few realms even OUAT hasn't taken on. With the quest to find Merlin this season, many fans suspect that Camelot will be next on the map. But there are plenty other storybook places the show could travel to as well, because, let's be real, Storybrooke is getting a bit crowded. With all the twists and turns coming our way in the next few months, this season seems just as good as any to add these magical lands into the mix.

1. Wonderland

OK, I know that this land has technically been on the show already, but not in near enough detail as the spinoff series, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. There is so much they could do with this, especially now that Will Scarlet is on the show. And Sophie Lowe showed definitely make an appearance as Alice.

2. Narnia

I'm sure Gold has a mysterious wardrobe in his shop somewhere. All we need is Henry to happen upon it and waltz right in. And, honestly, how great would a battle between the Wicked Witch and the White Witch be?

3. Hogwarts

Or, at least, the United States equivalent of it. Maybe, now that Emma is the Dark One, Regina could send Henry off to wizarding school to help him deal with his new powers as the Author and keep him out of harms way as she tries to find Merlin.

4. Whoville

How great would this be for a Christmas episode? Actually, any Dr. Seuss land would be really interesting on the screen. Maybe the author himself can make a special appearance and help Henry with his writing skills. Hey, they did it with Walt Disney.

5. Terabithia

A land made entirely from imagination. Sounds like yet another perfect plot point for Henry. Seriously, this kid needs more screen time this season.

6. Transylvania

If the writers want to get really dark with the plot, they can always throw the home of Dracula and The Munsters into the mix. We haven't really seen gothic horror since Frankenstein in the second season, and we definitely haven't had any vampires.

7. New Orleans

While this isn't really a "magical" realm, it would surely bring some great Disney stories to the table. Hello, Princess and the Frog anyone? And, let's be real, Dr. Facilier is ten times scarier than dark Rumple.

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